The Hilton Head MLS is small, but mighty.  They take their job of serving the brokers in their community very seriously.

When Hilton Head MLS sees a new technology solution they believe will help their brokers they buy it.   Colette Stevenson, CEO of Hilton Head does her full-on best to stay on top of technology trends so she can help her subscribers take full advantage of the latest ideas in their businesses.

Real estate data standards are one of those important trends.  Colette knows that standardized data will make it easier for her brokers to operate in multiple MLS regions and take advantage of emerging technologies from around the country.   That’s why Hilton Head MLS is one of the first in the country to require every one of their technology partners to be RESO-compliant.

Being RESO compliant means you must do at least one or more of the following:

  • Join the Real Estate Standards Organization (RESO)
  • Attend at least one RESO Conference annually
  • Join a RESO Workgroup
  • Become RESO Data Dictionary Certified
  • Become RESO Web API Certified

While Colette would love every one of the data-dependent companies she works with to be RESO-certified eventually, she is trying to encourage every real estate technology company to get familiar with RESO. She believes this forced exposure will help the tech companies that serve brokers learn how RESO can be a great way to save time and money AND deliver better products and services to their broker customers.  Becoming RESO-compliant can help a technology company launch in multiple markets more quickly. By freeing up time normally spent to map data, technology companies can focus on delivering innovative software solutions to brokers and agents.

Why Should MLSs Embrace RESO?

Here’s one MAJOR incentive for MLSs to embrace RESO. Once your MLS data is standardized with other markets, it significantly reduces the technical support needed to work with technology companies securing data feeds.  MLSs can spend more time providing timely service to their brokers instead of troubleshooting data feeds.  Bottomline, MLSs can enable more broker innovation by making the process of leveraging local MLS information faster and easier.

Watch the attached video to learn more about this exciting program!

How Can You Get More Involved With RESO?

If you would like to become a member of RESO, you can click here. If you would like to register for the RESO 2018 Fall Conference you can click here.

Becoming RESO Certified can create a powerful marketing advantage for technology companies. Learn how to be RESO-certified here.

Have a great idea for standardized data?  Feel free to join a RESO Workgroup and contribute your ideas to one of the most collaborative organizations in real estate today.