Upstream logoThis may be one of the most redefining moments in the history of real estate technology.

Technology vendors who wish to make their products available to Upstream brokers and franchises must connect to the Upstream today. Upstream does not charge vendors to use the service.  I would like to invite you to learn about Upstream during a webinar that we are hosting on RE Technology on Wednesday, August 1st.  Because of the capacity limitations on our GoToWebinar service, we may only allow the first 1000 to register. Please follow this link to register today. 

Millions have been invested over the last two years to build a highly scalable, cloud-based service. The system was imagined by the needs of brokers and franchises to manage their data more easily across all of their software providers. This elegant, modern data management application is now available to brokers and their technology vendors.

I learned this week that firms representing over 250,000 real estate agents have signed a letter of intent to adopt and use Upstream. These sign-ups happened within less than six months, and there are many more registering their intent every day.

If you are a technology vendor that offers services to franchises, brokers, teams, or agents, you will want your service to be available in Upstream to get free access to the firm’s data. Once you have integrated with Upstream, your client merely must authorize their data to your application.

With Upstream, you can launch your technology services in real time with the leading brokers in America. No more hassles with manual keystroke entry, CSV file mapping, or managing disparate data feeds. As the vendor, you provide Upstream with a worksheet of the data fields and field enumerations you need for your product, and Upstream will customize the data feed for you.

Understandably, we have no idea how many vendors will connect to Upstream or at what speed. If you start now, you can get a head start on your competitors asleep at the wheel. If the number of vendors integrating with Upstream is overwhelming, the brokers who have signed up for Upstream will set the priority order. Our preference is to have all technology vendors in real estate configured by the end of the year or early into Q1. A lot depends on you.


Let’s Go!