Are you looking for a competitive advantage in 2018?

Looking to cut operating costs?

RESO can help you with this MUST have for tech companies leveraging MLS data in their applications!

This webinar is a MUST have for tech companies that leverage MLS data in their applications. Register here today!

Brokers are asking their tech companies for standardized data to make it easier for them to expand into new markets, integrate their technology stack and eliminate costs of managing data to open up opportunities to focus on innovation.

Two of our industry’s most progressive companies, and Tribus will share their insights about how to get a leg up on your competition by leveraging the power of standardized data.

Join us on Wednesday to hear from Shaun York of, expert in data management and Katie Ragusa, Vice President of Product Development from Tribus, two of the most progressive data companies in the industry about how they are taking advantage of Real Estate Data Standards to reduce development cost, time to market and free up time to focus on innovation.

They will also share with you the best ways to leverage RESO expertise to win deals with brokers and MLSs.

Who Should Attend?

  • Brokers looking to grow their business
  • Broker Marketing leaders
  • Technology companies that leverage MLS data

There is no need to be a technical expert to get the most out of this session!

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