Midwest Real Estate Data(MRED) has launched a new website, inspired by simplicity, convenience, and a full dedication to serving its customers.

“Our customers deserve the best, and that’s what we aim to provide in every aspect of what we do,” said MRED President/CEO Rebecca Jensen. “This website redesign was truly done with agents in mind to make their daily lives easier and we couldn’t be happier with the end result.”

The primary purpose of mredllc.com is access to the MLS. There is a clear call to action in the upper right corner of the every page that allows the agents to quickly jump into the MLS from any device. That’s right, MRED’s connectMLS system developed by dynaConnections has supported mobile for years.

One of the outstanding features of MRED is that it represents the largest broker-owned MLS in the county. Although they maintain strong relationships with Realtor Associations and have two representatives on their Board of Managers, the other 13 are real estate brokers elected by the broker shareholders. To learn about this structure, you may want to see this short video by MRED CEO Rebecca Jensen:

Overall the new website is beautiful, but they have a little bit of work to do. You will notice that some of the interior pages have not been ported over to the new frame work yet. But all in all, it’s very nicely done. I really appreciate that the tonality of the site is that of a professional consumer. It is a temptation not to line up this beautiful MRED website with some of the more horrid examples that can be easily harvested from the array of more than 620 MLSs. We recently sampled the number of MLS sites that have not converted over to HTTPS. It’s amazing that technology companies have not closed that gap yet.

The MRED website is not intended as a consumer site. But consumers can see that if they are working with a MRED subscriber, that means something. Year to date, more than 88,000 transactions have been processed at MRED representing over $26 Billion in sales volume. The unit volume is just under the full year 2017 units and ahead of 2017 in total dollar volume with four months left in the year. Truly, MRED is the trading place for real estate throughout the midwestern region anchored by Chicago.

MRED is promoting Homensap, the national consumer website of the Broker Public Portal, along with Remine and CloudCMA as featured products.

Congratulations to the management team of MRED on the launch, and the Board of Managers for its support of the vision. MRED is clearly on the move, constantly innovating and invigorating their services.