If you believe that brokers are not engaged with RESO or data standards, think again.

According to the recently published 2018 RESO Broker Survey, nearly 80% of brokers are either considering expansion or are in the midst of expanding into new regions.

Brokers, especially larger brokers are getting much more interested in leveraging RESO standards to implement their needs for expansion, innovation and efficiency.

So why are RESO standards important to brokers that are interested in expansion?  The process of expanding from one to multiple MLSs can be a daunting task. According to the 2018 RESO Broker survey, brokers and their technology companies suffer from several challenges. Some of the challenges are centered around inconsistent data fields and display requirements from market to market.  Others involve complications of acquiring the rights to display or leverage the data from the MLS organizations they work with.  And finally, some of the challenges are caused simply by a lack of communication.

An MLS may change a field or policy or even completely switch MLS system providers and not inform the technology companies that ingest data from the MLS.  These communication breakdowns cause sites to go down, data to be inaccurate or worse yet, cause inaccurate data to be displayed to the consumer.

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If you would like to see a complete copy of the 2018 RESO Broker Survey, you can click HERE.