The San Francisco Bay area MLSs are both fierce competitors and fierce cooperators. They have lots of brokers and agents who are members of more than one MLS, creating an environment of overlapping market disorder that typically drives consolidation. By cooperating with each other, they provide agents with reciprocal access through single sign-on to each other’s systems. They have also delivered on solutions that consolidate IDX feeds across multiple markets. It’s amazing.

bridgeMLS has accomplished another extraordinary feat. They have added MLS System of choice for their subscribers. You may recall the aspirations of NAR’s Advanced Multi-list or AMP project. The idea was that MLS software used by agents would sit on top of the NAR Amp database. If would give agents a choice of which system they could use. There are a few markets in America where this choice is available. Two are in California – California Regional MLS and MLS Listings offer both Matrix and Paragon. RAPB + GFLR offer a choice of Matrix or FlexMLS, and MLS Long Island is either live or in the process of going live with Matrix and Stratus. The process of getting the data to work in multiple systems is significant and typically takes a year or more to put it all together. You will note that CoreLogic’s Matrix has normally been part of these front end of choice systems. But what this really shows is that this is possible using just about every MLS System. Rapattoni may be a front end of choice somewhere, I am just not aware. Not to worry though, Rapattoni runs in parallel with other systems during conversions, so that is evidence enough that they can support it.

BridgeMLS launched their system of choice in 6 months! Now their subscribers have a choice of ConnectMLS or Paragon. Impressive! The folks at Dynaconnections and the staff at BridgeMLS really hustled.

Check out the press release below:

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bridgeMLS Launches dynaConnections as System of Choice in Record Time

BERKELEY, CALIF., March 26th, 2019 – bridgeMLS®, serving the East Bay of San Francisco California, announced today that it has launched dynaConnections®’ responsive MLS solution, connectMLS™ to its subscribers. The integration effort was completed over a period of six months. Now the 3500 real estate agent and brokerage subscribers to bridgeMLS may interchangeably use either Black Knight®’s Paragon® multiple listing system or dynaConnections®’ connectMLS™.

“We are excited to offer two leading MLS solutions to our subscribers so they can use the one that best meets their needs,” says Tia Hunnicutt, bridgeMLS Chairperson. “Both systems are excellent, but have variations in features and usability that will appeal to different segments of the 3500 Realtors® we serve.” Hunnicut indicates that dynaConnections was chosen on the basis of consistently earning the highest ratings for MLS systems in industry studies. connectMLS is renowned for its user personalization, responsive display on any size screen, usability, reports, contact management, and integrated transaction management.

“Our goal is to make bridgeMLS the most attractive Multiple Listing Organization in Northern California while maintaining cooperative relationships with other Multiple Listing Organizations throughout the state,” says DaVina Lara, Chief Executive of bridgeMLS. “With dual systems we can deliver the highest quality product for our subscribers and support our partnership with the Delta Association of REALTORS® with these expanded services too. Perhaps the most outstanding part of this announcement was our ability to extend these services without passing along fee increases to our subscribers.”

bridgeMLS also provides its subscribers with the capability of accessing the NORCAL reciprocal access program through CoreLogic’s Clareity Dashboard to the following MLS systems: BAY EAST, CONTRA COSTA, SFAR MLS, BAREIS MLS, MLS Listings, MetroList MLS, and Nevada County.

bridgeMLS has initiated reciprocal data sharing cooperation with a number of Multiple Listing Organizations that will also be supported by dynaConnections. By the end of March, users of connectMLS will also have native access to listing data from BAY EAST, CONTRA COSTA, and MLS Listings. By the end of the third quarter of 2019, the data sharing effort will be expanded to include listing data from the southern regions of the state of California: California Regional MLS (CRMLS) and The MLS™/CLAW.

“Doing this type of sophisticated integration project was exciting for all of us at dynaConnections and we cannot compliment the staff at bridgeMLS enough for their hard work and considerable skills. It took incredible teamwork by both organizations to support bridgeMLS with delivering this level of complex data mapping in under six months. This may be an industry record,” says Tim Ford, President and CEO of dynaConnections. “This is proof that even a relatively medium sized Multiple Listing Organization can be agile in delivering the same extraordinary diversification of services that have been historically reserved for the nation’s largest MLSs.”

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bridgeMLS is a leading MLS provider in the California Bay Area for real estate professionals offering a centralized online source of property listing data and historical transaction records. Using innovative technology and cooperation throughout California, brokerages and agents have access to listings covering 80% of the state. bridgeMLS is a wholly owned subsidiary of the Oakland/Berkeley Association of REALTORS®, and provides MLS services to the Delta Association of REALTORS®. For more information on bridgeMLS, visit

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