1 million Homesnap agentsAll I can is WOW!  In the real estate market, we TALK about doing a lot of things, but many of our ideas do not come to fruition. Contrast that with Broker Public Portal (BPP) with Homesnap. In less than 18 months, this highly successful initiative has been rolled out to more than 1 million agents!

Like every new idea, there have been and still, are critics of this initiative. I think it’s worth restating just a few of the reasons why I believe BPP with Homesnap is a winning strategy and program that is helping to strengthen the real estate industry’s ability to generate listing exposure and leads affordably and effectively.

1. FREE Leads
Here’s the bottom line of the program. Homesnap has been able to deliver more than 1 million FREE leads to the listing agent of the property following the Fair Display Guidelines designed by the brokers in The Realty Alliance. That means if it’s your listing you get the lead. There’s nobody else sitting on your listing siphoning off buyer leads from you.

2. Powerful, engaging, #1 rated technology
Homesnap is a great partner for the Broker Public Portal. The app is killer. It makes it really easy for consumers to look at the entire marketplace, even off-market properties. Showing appointments can be scheduled in one click. And the best part – agents are automatically connected to their clients. A consumer can ask a question directly to their agent through the chat system. If you want to see all of the amazing features it has, watch this webinar RE Technology fielded a couple of weeks ago.

3. 42% conversion rate
Here’s something else that proves the marketing power of Homesnap. In the Chicagoland area, nearly 60% of MRED members have signed up for the app. Thousands of agents invited their sphere to join them on the Homesnap app. Amazingly, 42% of the consumers invited to join their agent on the app accepted the invitation. I have never heard of another online marketing program that has seen that type of attachment rate. This stuff really works for folks!

4. Saves Brokers Money by not having to build their own app
While many brokers want to have their own mobile app, many have realized that winning the App Store game is a losing proposition. More and more brokers are opting instead to work with Homesnap to brand the app to their brokerage and leverage the national footprint and SEO of Homesnap. Those that have tried it have saved money while offering a branded version of Homesnap.

5. Can double as a consumer-facing website for MLSs
There are tons of great ways that Broker Public Portal with Homesnap helps MLSs too. As part of the program, MLSs can receive a locally-branded MLS consumer-facing website in addition to the #1 rated real estate app on both the Apple and Google stories. Check out the Greater Rochester Association of REALTOR’s version of their Homesnap-powered property search.

Full Press Release:

Homesnap Now Available To Over One Million Agents

BETHESDA, MD, MAY 7, 2019 — Homesnap, the leading provider of technology solutions to the real estate industry, today announced that over one million agents across the country now have access to its platform, including the mobile productivity app Homesnap Pro. This milestone is firm evidence of the industry’s adoption of Homesnap as the leading technology solution for agents, brokers and consumers.

Homesnap partners with over 200 multiple listing services (MLSs) to provide Homesnap Pro as their mobile solution for agents and brokers. Homesnap Pro offers essential products for agent and broker success, including productivity tools, marketing services and client management, on a single platform. Features like Homesnap’s in-app messaging, free branding, digital marketing services and many others all work to strengthen relationships with clients and prospects and make real estate professionals more productive from their phones.

As the public-facing brand of the Broker Public Portal (BPP), Homesnap operates a leading home search portal with real-time MLS data which is visited by millions of consumers each month. Following industry-friendly Fair Display Guidelines, Homesnap sends all leads for free to the listing agent or broker and does not feature any third-party ads in the app or online. Homesnap has delivered over a million free leads to listing agents and brokers since its launch.

“This is a landmark moment for our company,” said Homesnap co-founder Steve Barnes. “Since our founding, our mission has been to serve and work with the industry, recognizing the value that agents and brokers bring to their clients. We set out to build a national brand with a national footprint, and now that Homesnap is accessible to over one million real estate professionals, that vision is becoming a reality.”

Homesnap is also integrated with leading MLS software systems, including CoreLogic’s Matrix and Black Knight’s Paragon, which allows agents to perform their essential MLS-related tasks from one device, using one app, wherever they are. These integrations with the industry at a fundamental level will continue to drive widespread use of Homesnap in markets across the country.

“This incredible milestone is a testament to the success we’ve achieved in building products that agents and brokers need and use and that MLSs are proud to provide. We’re excited to continue enhancing and improving Homesnap in the coming years,” said John Mazur, CEO of Homesnap.

About Homesnap
With easy-to-use mobile technology fueled by unmatched, real-time data intelligence, Homesnap is changing the way real estate agents connect with consumers and serve their clients. The industry-endorsed Homesnap platform leverages real-time data from over 200 MLSs to empower millions of consumers each month with a superior home search experience, while providing over 85% of U.S. agents with access to powerful mobile tools that automate their work and accelerate their success.

With the Homesnap mobile app, the highest rated consumer home search application; Homesnap Pro, the industry-standard mobile business platform for agents; and the Homesnap national home search portal, a joint venture with the industry-backed Broker Public Portal, the integrated Homesnap platform is transforming the industry by bringing real-time to real estate. More information can be found at www.homesnap.com.

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