Podcasts have been popular during the last decade and have flourished during the pandemic. Over 55% of the US population have listened to podcasts, and over 155 million people listen to at least one podcast every week. With over 700,000 active podcasts and 29 million episodes, choices are abundant.

In real estate, here’s one every agent should enjoy: Snapshot. The Snapshot podcast, featuring Homesnap’s Gayle Weiswasser, delivers solid takeaways from every episode. Gayle is easy to listen to, is a skilled interviewer, and also is a top industry expert.

With over 150 podcasts to date, Gayle talks to real estate agents across the country about social media, marketing, real estate and client development. She finds agents who are doing marketing in interesting and innovative ways and interview them so that others can learn about new strategies, platforms and content ideas. It’s an excellent way for agents to learn how to transform their marketing efforts from the experts featured on this show.

The latest episode is a hoot: it’s a must-listen-to podcast featuring industry veteran and thought leader Joe Rand.

Joe wears two hats. One as the Executive Director for the Broker Public Portal and the second as Chief Creative Officer for Howard Hanna|Rand Realty.

In this Snapshot episode – “Snapshot #152: Sharing Relevant Content Through Marketing” – Joe talks with Gayle about some of the most effective ways to use digital marketing to communicate. More importantly, Joe describes most candidly ways not to use social media and digital marketing.

Joe proves he’s not only informative, but he’s hilarious.

This episode is packed with great, immediate takeaways for agents. It’s also fun to listen to Joe as he teaches.

Joe started in real estate as a teenager – his mom started his family’s now-legendary brokerage. Joe got his real estate license when he was 18 years old. He stepped away from real estate, becoming a lawyer and a law professor before returning to the business about 20 years ago.

He’s written a couple of terrific real estate books (“Disruptors, Discounters and Doubters” and “How to be a Great Real Estate Agent”) and is one of the most sought-after convention speakers. Listen to this podcast and you’ll understand why he is in demand as a keynote.

Gayle shares a background with Joe as a former attorney (they both admit they hated being lawyers on this episode) turned communicators.

Take a listen as Joe talks about what communications should achieve. You’ll hear him compare and contrast the success and failures that agents make with their digital marketing and social media posts. And you’ll probably laugh out loud when he discusses the tendency of agents to talk about themselves with their marketing instead of things their customers are actually interested in.

At one point, he notes that only real estate professionals will post an activity that’s part of their job. “Who does that?” Joe asks, noting that other professionals don’t post on Facebook, “I healed a patient, I just won a case, or I just cut somebody’s hair!”

Joe says, “You’re supposed to get listings; that’s your job. It’s like you are doing a touchdown dance because you took a listing.”

With humor and fun laced throughout this interview, Joe is in top form. From discussing video tactics that work and ones to avoid, he also provides fantastic tactical advice on a social media strategy that can engage people agents want to reach. And he gives several specific examples.

Finally, don’t miss the last six minutes of this 38-minute podcast. Gayle asks Joe her signature question. It’s one she has asked every guest appearing on Snapshot: What apps are you using? Maybe for fun, productivity, or relaxation.

Gayle notes that most guests in the past have included the Calm app in their answers. Joe’s response begins, “I don’t even know what Calm is!” You will just have to listen to the rest.


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