Real Estate Webmasters and Lone Wolf TechnologiesTechnology developers today share a major theme: integration. Sometimes developers create smart links and single sign-on applications that make it easier for agents to jump from one software application to another, at other times leveraging the use of application programming interfaces (APIs) to enable software solutions to “talk” to each other. The flexibility of integrations with SSO and API enables brokers to develop a full suite of cloud-based applications that are unique to their firm.

In an announcement made today, Lone Wolf has entered into an agreement to allow customers of the Lone Wolf broker and agent website platforms to upgrade to Real Estate Webmasters. It is not clear if Lone Wolf is reselling REW, or if they just turn the accounts over to REW. I would suspect the latter because it makes sense for brokers to talk directly with their web developers. REW is the first partnership for broker and agent websites offered to Lone Wolf customers but insiders at Lone Wolf have indicated that they are expanding their partner network and others will be announced in the future.

A spokesperson for Lone Wolf wrote by email “We’re discontinuing most of our website solutions and offering users of these solutions a promotional migration path to the REW solution. Ultimately, it is up to these users whether they want to migrate to the REW solution. We will continue to maintain our globalWOLF website solution, however, as it is an integral part of a unified brokerWOLF suite for many of our customers.”

Lone Wolf has long held a market-leading position in broker accounting and back-office commission calculation software. The firm made news earlier this year with the acquisition of Ziplogix, adding ZipLogix’s products to the transaction suite that complements the acquisition of Instanet a number of years ago. Lone Wolf now owns the number one and number two most used forms and document management solutions and they have integrations with the powerhouse DocuSign. In the future has the integrations between the firms deepen, REW customers will benefit from client workflows that will tie contact records to transaction records.

Lone Wolf did not make an investment in REW as part of this transaction. Lone Wolf is owned by the worlds 4th largest software company, Vista Equity Partners. Sometimes it is as easy to buy a company as it is to create a strategic relationship. REW will remain a separate company. Real Estate Webmasters supports many software integrations to their platform. It is nice to see them supporting Lone Wolf applications like Transaction Desk and Ziplogix. For REW brokers, it enables a seamless end to end integration with the tools that agents need to access regularly. REW is platform agnostic, and they believe that vendors working with other vendors to develop integrated and secure ecosystems will win. 

This is a big win for the customers of both companies.


Full Press Release Below:

Lone Wolf Technologies and Real Estate Webmasters Announce Landmark Partnership

Partnership connects industry-leading websites, CRM, lead generation, and transaction management solutions for a true lead-to-close experience 

Cambridge, ON—July 10, 2019—Lone Wolf Technologies (“Lone Wolf”), the North American leader in residential real estate software, and Real Estate Webmasters (“REW”), the leading technology provider for the top 1% of real estate professionals in the world, today announced a landmark partnership. The partnership will form an integration between the REW platform and Lone Wolf’s transaction management solutions, TransactionDesk and zipForm Plus, to create a lead-to-close experience for thousands of real estate professionals in North America. 

This partnership, motivated by the desire of both companies to offer best-of-breed technology to their mutual customers, paves the way for 1,000 brokers and agents using Lone Wolf’s website solutions to upgrade to REW’s more advanced web solution. At the same time, the partnership also expands Lone Wolf’s technology ecosystem—which currently comprises in-house products for eSignature, online forms, digital document storage, MLS integration, transaction management, and back office and accounting—to include a leading website, CRM, and demand generation offering. The goal of this ecosystem is to provide real estate professionals with the most efficient, innovative, and integrated technology solutions to better service their leads, contacts, and home buyers and sellers. The partnership with REW is a major step toward this goal. 

“We chose to partner with Real Estate Webmasters for a number of reasons—the quality of their product, the growth of their success, and the reputation of their company primary among them,” said Jack Blaha, CEO of Lone Wolf Technologies. “But we also chose this partnership because it furthers our mission to simplify the entire real estate transaction process. We want to build an unrivaled technology ecosystem for real estate professionals, one that integrates the solutions they use every day and simplifies their workflow from lead to contract to revenue. This partnership is the first of many that will support us in this mission.” 

Real Estate Webmasters shares Lone Wolf’s vision to create an integrated ecosystem of real estate technology solutions. The company offers cutting-edge website, iOS and Android apps, lead generation, search engine optimization, and CRM services to improve the methods that real estate professionals use to generate and process leads. As part of the partnership, Lone Wolf will discontinue its current website offering and users of these products will be offered an exclusive opportunity to transition to the more advanced Real Estate Webmasters solution. This will greatly increase the capability of their web platform. 

“We are extremely excited to be able to bring the best-in-class of real estate websites and CRM from Real Estate Webmasters and combine it with the amazing transaction capabilities Lone Wolf’s products,” said Morgan Carey, CEO of Real Estate Webmasters. “When you combine where a real estate lead 

comes from with how much an agent or broker makes from the close of that sale, it is truly chocolate and peanut butter.” 

“This is the next step in real estate technology,” said Joe Kazzoun, GM of Transaction Management at Lone Wolf. “Real estate has so many different components and this has caused its technology to develop in siloes—until now. We’re bringing all of the industry’s disconnected tools together to make real estate simpler for everyone involved—from the second a lead looks at a listing till the day the agents’ commissions are paid out. We’re more than happy to partner with technology leaders to make that happen.” 


About Lone Wolf Technologies Lone Wolf Technologies is the North American leader in residential real estate software, serving over 700,000 real estate professionals across Canada and the U.S. The company offers an ecosystem of technology products designed to simplify the entire transaction process, including software for back office and transaction management. Each element of this ecosystem enables brokerages, agents, MLSs, and Associations to operate more efficiently, reduce costs, and increase opportunities for profitability. Lone Wolf’s head office is located in Cambridge, ON, with additional offices in Dallas, TX, Fraser, MI, and London, ON. For more information, please visit 

About Real Estate Webmasters Real Estate Webmasters is the market leader and developer of real estate websites, CRM, and lead- generation software, serving over 75,000 professionals across North America. The company’s commitment to innovation has positioned them as a driving force in the real estate technology industry. This has led them to the completion of the largest custom website project in history with CENTURY 21 Canada. Real Estate Webmasters has staff in Vancouver, Nanaimo, Montreal, Denver, and Sacramento, which includes 150 in-house developers, designers, digital marketers, and support staff. 


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