Today there is precisely one transaction management solution that’s built by Realtors for Realtors and is still owned 100% by a Realtor Association. It’s Form Simplicity from the Florida Realtors. For many MLSs, Associations, and Brokerages, keeping one of your most important transaction and compliance tools in the Realtor family remains a big deal.

Fortunately, with more than 280,000 subscribers, Form Simplicity continues to offer one of the form simplicity logotop paperless transaction solutions for agents and brokers. Now there’s more great news for subscribers and those looking to switch to the only industry-owned transaction management solution: one of the best TM programs just got better.

Recently, Form Simplicity rolled out a major update to its software. Having compared side-by-side the old version and the new one, I’ll wager that users are going to be thrilled.

What was a reasonably straightforward program to use before, Form Simplicity is more intuitive than ever. It not only looks better, but it also responds better: it feels faster and is even easier to navigate.

Form Simplicity now features an uncluttered look with four key sections that include Menu, Recent Transactions, Upcoming Tasks, and Useful Tools. Each of these sections shows simple yet powerful improvements for the agent or broker using it:

  • Menu: The navigation menu is grouped together with fewer tabs, yet still giving you access to all its features.
  • Recent Transactions: Your recent transactions are visible and accessible from the home page. You can even start a new transaction from the home page. The workflow is better, enhanced by color-coded buttons, making them easy to identify. The expanding page feature gives you access to all information instantly, so you don’t have to toggle through a bunch of tabs.
  • Upcoming Tasks: Again, future tasks also are color-coded and can be accessed from the home page.
  • Useful Tools: Now you can click a button to add a new contact, create clauses and more — all from the home page.

The result is that new Form Simplicity feels faster – a LOT faster – than its predecessor. Here is the complete lowdown on the latest version of Form Simplicity, and the news release they issued on July 10:

Form Simplicity updates to improve paperless transaction productivity
New, intuitive application redesign speeds up agent and broker workflow 

Orlando, FL – July 10, 2019 – One of the real estate industry’s most popular and advanced paperless transaction management solutions, Form Simplicity, has deployed its newly redesigned application to REALTORS® throughout Florida, Idaho, Wyoming, South Dakota, Massachusetts, New Jersey and Iowa. The update improves transaction productivity and speeds up agent and broker workflow for hundreds of thousands of Realtors across the US, according to Florida Realtors, the nation’s second largest Realtor association, which owns and operates Form Simplicity.

The new Form Simplicity was rolled out in stages between April and July 2019 to the associations it serves, including statewide to 187,000 Realtor members in Florida, 8,300 members of Arkansas Realtors Association, 2,300 members of Wyoming Association of Realtors, 7,300 members of Iowa Association of Realtors, and 10,300 members of Idaho Association of Realtors.

In addition to multiple transaction management tools, Form Simplicity includes unlimited access to eSign, its highly-secure electronic signature feature, an expanded set of broker management tools to simplify compliance and improve agent-broker workflow, and unlimited document storage.

Eric Forsman, Vice President of Technology Services at Florida Realtors, says that the Form Simplicity redesign is being “incredibly well-received by agents and brokers across the country.” Forsman notes that’s not a typical reaction when you make a change to something tens of thousands of real estate agents use every day. “Change is rarely easy, but it’s surprisingly delightful to see the positive reaction and feedback we’ve received unsolicited from many power users who often can be your toughest critics,” Forsman added.

Forsman says that one of the biggest improvements to the Form Simplicity redesign is speed. “The redesigned Form Simplicity is performing faster because it’s running on a new and modern application architecture, from hardware to software,” he explained.

The new, uncluttered look includes four key sections in the home page: Menu, Recent Transactions, Upcoming Tasks, and Useful Tools. Among the improvements:

  • Menu: The navigation menu has been grouped so that there are fewer tabs while retaining access to all the features.
  • Recent Transactions: A professional’s most recent transactions are visible and accessible from the home page. He or she can also create a new transaction from the home page. Moreover, the flow to creating a transaction will be smoother, with colorful buttons that are easy to identify, and an expanding page to view all information together instead of toggling through tabs.
  • Upcoming Tasks: All future tasks are color coded and available on the home page for easy access.
  • Useful Tools: Professionals can quickly locate the button to add a new contact, create clauses and more–right from the home page.

South Florida real estate broker Matthew Lemons says the new Form Simplicity has been a welcome change. “I just tried out the new Form Simplicity style now, and I have to say it is amazing. Love how convenient the new layout is. Extremely professional. I’ll be sticking with you guys for a long time,” Lemons said.

Peggy Hall, a Satellite Beach, Florida agent added, “I began using the new and improved Form Simplicity…(it’s a) super easy transition!” And Shermeka McSwain, a Cutler Bay, Florida agent said, “The recently updated changes are extremely great. Using the navigation, location of information and the program structure is very user-friendly.”

Perhaps the best part of the redesign says Tricia Stamper, Director of Technology for Form Simplicity and Tech Helpline, its sister operation, is what Form Simplicity has not changed. “Form Simplicity continues to offer all the great features agents and brokers already love,” she said.  “Transaction management is no longer a nice to have but a must have, and that means, to serve the greatest number of agents and brokers possible, it needs to be easy to use and inviting. Our redesign is all about making Form Simplicity easier to navigate and so that it works on any device because that’s what agents and brokers want,” she added.

To assist Form Simplicity users, Florida Realtors is continuing to support both the old and new editions to help agents and brokers make a smooth transition to the latest version.

More information about Form Simplicity is available online at or by calling 888-784-5404.  A new video demo is at

About Form Simplicity:
Form Simplicity serves the real estate industry by providing real estate professionals with an end-to-end, paperless real estate transaction management solution to expedite real estate transactions. Form Simplicity gives real estate agents and brokers the tools to create, manage, share, and store transactions digitally for on-the-go, fully digital transactions. Users can create and edit transactions on mobile devices.

Form Simplicity’s cloud-based platform is a cost-effective solution available to Realtor Associations, MLS systems, and brokerage firms nationwide. Tech Helpline, the real estate industry’s number one tech support service, supports Form Simplicity. Form Simplicity and Tech Helpline are wholly owned and operated by Florida Realtors based in Orlando, Fla.

Florida Realtors serves as the voice for real estate in Florida. The state’s largest professional trade association, providing programs, services, continuing education, research and legislative representation to some 187,000 members in 52 local and regional Realtor associations or boards in Florida.

 Note: The term REALTOR® is a federally registered collective membership mark which identifies a real estate professional who is a member of the NATIONAL ASSOCIATION OF REALTORS® and subscribes to its strict Code of Ethics.