There isn’t a broker or MLS I know that doesn’t wish they could inspire more awareness and adoption of the technologies they offer.

Here’s a simple, but effective way to promote a multitude of ways you support your agents’ success:

Check out this log-in screen from Midwest Real Estate Data (MRED), the MLS that serves more than 45,000 agents in the Chicagoland area.

Instead of just having a generic, log-in screen like most of us do, they turned that frequently used screen into a mini-marketing center!

There are several elements on the page built by Dynaconnections, MRED’s MLS provider included on this page that are SO smart:

1. Promotion of Products
Why not feature one of your newest or most popular products right on the page? The Homesnap brand is prominently displayed here with a live link. When I click on the picture of the Homesnap mobile app, it takes me to the Homesnap page in the MRED store which provides an overview of the product and a link to learn more via training. The featured product could be rotated weekly or monthly to provide exposure to all of the value added tools you offer. The featured image could also be used to promote participation in events or training sessions.

2. Easy to find link to ALL MRED Products
The page includes an Easy to Find link for subscribers to be able to quickly access the MRED products which summarizes all of the product offerings available.

3. Easy to find link to MRED Homepage
This log-in page also makes it easy to find the MREDLLC homepage with just one click.

4. Live link to Help Desk Page and Help Desk Email
Customer support accessibility easily is one of the best ways to drive up a connection and loyalty. Why not create a live link that makes it easy to connect to the MLS like this page does?

5. Contact us made simple
There’s also an easy to find button to the Contact Us page.

What a great example of the way to take a page that many websites simply take for granted and make it work much harder for you and your customers!

Great job MRED!

If you have an example of how you have turned your log-in screen into a marketing tool, please feel free to send them our way at and we’ll be sure to share them too!