Paragon Connect was launched in November of 2019 to expand Black Knight’s capabilities for Paragon MLS users. The company’s previously announced strategic alliance with Homesnap continues to provide Paragon MLS users and their customers access to the highly-rated Homesnap native app, while Paragon Connect acts as a mobile extension of the Paragon MLS platform, providing a consistent look, feel, and set of functionality across platforms. Paragon Connect is developed as a progressive web app, providing users with multiple options.Mobile of Choice

Since the launch of Paragon Connect, Black Knight has added some nice functionality which includes improved roster choice, deeper image editing, AVMs, driving directions, activity tracking, and full public record display.

Improved Roster Improved Roster Searching

Deeper Image Editing

the next frontier of MLS development is in mobile add/edit. For the most part, MLS offerings allow the user to start a listing on mobile and finish it using a full browser. There are lots of fields and field enumerations that are much more efficiently managed with a keyboard and a mouse. Enhance Photos



Automated Valuation Models use data to estimate a home’s value. Professionals understand that these models can get you close to the value of a home, but every home is different. The AVMs available in Paragon Connect include Black Knight’s bank-grade AVM called EZ Value®, Zillow’s Zestimate®, and the Realtor Valuation Model (RVM) from the NATIONAL ASSOCIATION OF REALTORS®. Having all three options allows the agent to explain AVMs and their variances as each predictive model is different.


Driving Directions

Activity Tracking – this is the ability to view the engagement of a listing that is helpful for listing agents and their sellers – a very popular emerging feature that demonstrates the incredible value of listing a home in the MLS.

Improved Public Record Display

This feature is coming along nicely. It allows agents to get access to public record history of property along with some mortgage history. This is an area where Black Knight will be putting a lot of focus on future features of the application. The mastery of combining public record data with MLS data is vital for all property solutions today and in the future. The model of MLS only data is being quickly replaced by parcel centric solutions.

Driving Directions

Sell Side