Real estate is a corner of the economy that has been largely spared from the economic impact of the COVID pandemic. Low interest rates, federal economic support, and the spirit of wanting to be a homeowner in uncertain times have led to massive expansion and record setting transaction volume.Log In – Restream

But we must think of safety first.

Many buyers are purchasing homes subject to viewing and inspection. In other words, buyers are submitting offers sight unseen. The belly of homebuyers today are relying on live stream showings. It is a simple concept. An agent turns on their camera phone and walks through the house talking and pointing the camera.

Trust me – the agent does not want to do this multiple times for multiple channels. They do not want to do a Facebook Live, then a LinkedIn Live, then a Youtube Live, then a Twitter Live through periscope. There is now a solution.

Try is like listing syndication for your life stream, allowing you to stream to all of your social media platforms at once. You can even read and respond to comments from your live viewers.

There are a tons of features and tons of connections to different social platforms that enhance the capabilities of for real estate. But you can get started by simply.

  1. Visit and set up your free account.
  2. Watch the intro video
  3. Click the add channel button and select an account like Facebook – at this point you will go through the Facebook authentication program to grant permissions to your account.
  4. Then start your live stream.

Just like that, your live stream will be published to all of your linked social media audiences at the same time.

The company just raised $50 million. With that kind of capital, I would expect a lot of new features and capabilities to be deployed very quickly.

BTW – be careful if you post about Restream – my autocorrect kept trying to insert restroom. LOL! If you try it and like it – send me a note and let me know – | @victorlund on Twitter | Victor Lund on LinkedIn


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