Earlier this year at the Leading RE Conference, Delta Media launched its cutting-edge DeltaNET 6 platform. CEO and Owner Michael Minard described it as “the ultimate all-in-one website and digital marketing platform designed by real estate experts for real estate professionals.”

This was a huge move by Delta. DeltaNET 6 culminated in more than 40,000 development hours and an investment north of $30 million. At the epicenter of the DeltaNET 6 ecosystem is its built-in CRM, which connects to everything.delta media logo

This week, Delta launched Creative Studio inside DeltaNET 6, a massive update and expansion of Delta’s highly popular ECard and Flyer design system. For the first time, Creative Studio gives its clients the ability to design marketing materials from scratch. Think of it as Canva for real estate.

What Delta Media is building is a highly potent and affordable one-stop marketing shop.

Tech research shows that agents use a variety of different marketing software. Some are provided by the broker, some by their MLSs, others the agent pays for themselves. The problem is that all of this technology is disparate: they don’t talk to each other. The agent ends up doing duplicative work, making market tasks a drain on time, energy, and efficiency.

Delta’s approach is to build a soup-to-nuts integrated marketing platform – CRM-based with the industry’s most powerful SEO system that’s fully integrated with their websites, property, and self-promotional marketing materials for social media and digital distribution. Creative Studio is even integrated with Xpressdocs for direct print mail because Delta Media understands that print marketing still works for specific audiences.

A competitive advantage

Creative Studio has a competitive advantage compared with similar platforms because it allows importing Adobe InDesign files. Delta Media now offers a remarkably affordable solution for real estate brokerages that want their smart templates that auto-populates with MLS property data and images. Agents will no longer have to enter anything into their marketing platform or their website, as all the data and images are pulled in automatically from the MLS with just a click.

Let’s face it. Real estate agents don’t have time to learn how to become professional designers. However, a listing’s successful market requires design management and intelligence, and often design professional skills.

That’s why Delta built Creative Studio to help agents maintain and create high-quality, customizable designs – fast and easy. It also gives the Marketing teams at larger brokerages a powerful tool to standardize everything from digital property Flyers and Ecards to printed Post Cards for direct mailing – all inside a single system.

Any agent can try Creative Studio for free

The sweetest part of the deal: Creative Studio is now available for free to all DeltaNET 6 agents and teams.

And for agents who do not have access to DeltaNET 6, Delta Media is offering a free, 30-day trial account that gives an agent access to the entire platform, including Creative Studio. You get access to the whole DeltaNET 6 platform – not just Creative Studio – as Delta wants to win you over. They believe if an agent adds up all the software tools that they are currently paying for a la carte that Delta offers in one place, they’ll buy their Prix Fixe menu and save hundreds. You can find the free trial offer here.

As an extra incentive, Delta Media is hosting a “Holiday Design” contest. The first-place winner gets a $500 Amazon.com Gift Card, and the second-place winner receives a $300 Amazon.com gift card, while the third-place winner receives a $200 Amazon.com gift card. Agents and teams enter their best Flyer or Ecard design made with Creative Studio. You can find details about the contest here.

Keep your eye on Delta Media, as it is clear they are not done yet.

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