WAV Group founding partner, Marilyn Wilson published a report on the State of Data Sharing in 2016 that is certainly relevant today. The report discusses the needs for data sharing which include Broker Data Challenges, Duplicate MLS fees, More Powerful Regional Home Marketing, Overlapping Market Disorder, and Specialty Access Needs. But most of all, the report outlines the types of data sharing which may serve some or all of these objectives.

A keynote type of data sharing that is outlined in the report is Reciprocal Access, whereby an authenticated user (has got through security) is able to access a link inside their home MLS system to open up an instance of another MLS system. Reciprocal Access is the oldest method of collaboration between MLSs. It allows the agent to access the data in cooperating markets without joining a secondary MLS. Moreover, each MLS remains unchanged. There is no need to aligning MLS policy across the MLS. There is no costly data integration to map or manage. It is an elegant, secure link that allows agents to access another MLS. Simple.

Today, three of Ohio’s significant MLSs have announced a reciprocal access agreement. All three are CoreLogic Matrix markets, eliminating the need for agents to learn a different system when they link into the other MLS market. This is a very cost effective way to accomplish many of the goals of data sharing. Kudos to the folks in Ohio that discovered the vision for collaboration that is appropriate for their area.

If you are considering consolidation or data sharing in your market, you may want to start your investigation into the strategies and methods by downloading our report on data sharing or inviting Marilyn Wilson or Victor Lund to present the various options along with their strengths and weaknesses to your group.

Read the full press release below:
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Cleveland, Dayton, Northwest Ohio MLS Systems Partner to Share Listing Data

Leading Ohio real estate groups unify access to property data for Realtors® and clients

March 16, 2021 – Cleveland, Ohio – Starting this spring, more than half of Ohio’s 35,000 Realtors® and brokers will have access to property data across the State of Ohio to better service their clients. MLS Now, Dayton Realtors®, and Northwest Ohio Realtors® are partnering together to share property data access among their MLS subscribers, powered by CoreLogic’s Matrix.

Northwest Ohio Realtors® CEO Megan Foos and Dayton Realtors® CEO Carlton Jackson developed the idea of having CoreLogic place their three Ohio-based MLS customers on the same platform. The idea was welcomed by a third MLS, MLS Now, which serves Northeast Ohio and parts of Central Ohio. “We want Realtors® in Ohio to have broader data access so they can better serve their clients.” said Foos. “By allowing seamless reciprocal access to all three Matrix systems though one interface, we were able to achieve that without the expense and challenges of merging companies or data.”

The National Association of REALTORS® has adopted policies that give Realtors® a choice in what local association they join and which multiple listing service they choose to use. “Our cooperation negates the need for members to have to choose between joining one MLS or another,” stated Jackson. “This will give our members the best resources across the state, enable us to deliver the highest quality of service, and provide maximum listing exposure for Ohio homeowners.”

CoreLogic has been focused on delivering cooperative services between multiple listing customers. They developed a method of reciprocal access whereby each Matrix system has a single sign-on link that will allow the agent to access another instance of Matrix. “All of us use CoreLogic Matrix for our MLS system and sharing access between us is going to deliver immense benefit to Realtors® and their clients,” said Carl DeMusz, CEO of MLS Now, the state’s largest multiple listing organization. “We have monitored the success of CoreLogic’s reciprocal access in California and Ontario and it is a very elegant solution. This will be a beneficial endeavor for all three Matrix MLS operations here in Ohio.”

Rollout for this new data access partnership is slated for Spring 2021.

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