MLS Property Information Network (MLS PIN), based in Shrewsbury, Massachusetts, one of the top 10 largest MLSs in America, is looking for a new President and CEO to run its 43,000+ broker-owned and broker-led organization. One of the most progressive and customer-centric MLSs, MLS PIN is looking for a strategic, collaborative and tech savvy leader to drive its leadership and proprietary software platform.

Kathy Condon, current President and CEO is retiring after a successful career of 23 years at MLS PIN.

According to Mike Schlott, MLS PIN Board Chair, “MLS PIN is a dynamic organization dedicated to delivering MLS leadership to arm our Broker Shareholders and Customers with the tools, training, service and insights they need to be their best. We are looking for a progressive leader with a passion and proven success at delivering extraordinary service and leadership.”

The successful candidate will be a seasoned MLS Executive with a proven ability to deliver strong financial results, while exceeding the needs and expectations of MLS PIN customers. He/she will instill a spirit of responsiveness to address the needs of subscribers and shareholders in real-time for MLS PIN staff and service providers.

Since MLS PIN builds its own proprietary software, a passion and success in translating customer need into intuitive, efficient, and integrated solutions is key.

MLS PIN executive leadership requires a proven ability to instill a spirit of collaboration and brave and innovative actions, informed by emerging trends.

If you think you, or someone you know and respect, has what it takes to lead one of the industry’s best MLSs, I encourage you to reach out at