We often hear complaints from MLS selection committees looking for a new MLS solution. They tell us that their system is not current enough or does not include features that subscribers are looking for.

But here’s the problem we find a LOT. MLSs have not installed all updates available from their MLS system provider. We’re not really sure why any MLS would not install all of the latest features and benefits to help their subscribers get the most out of the system. To keep your MLS service relevant, you need to continue to evolve the MLS system offering.

If your MLS falls into this camp, we highly recommend that you contact your MLS Vendor, get your MLS Committee together and take a look at ALL of the upgrade options that are available.

How do you roll-out new features?
We hear that some MLSs are reticent to rollout new features because they do not want to upset their customers. While we totally understand that, there are ways to ensure that the changes you’re proposing will be received well.

1. Beta Testers
Before you rollout new functionality, organize a group of active users and ask them to provide feedback. Find out how meaningful each feature is and then get feedback on usability. If your beta testers find some fundamental concerns or issues with the new feature, do not launch it until your MLS vendor has adjusted the feature to meet the needs of your customers.

2. LOTS of advance notice
One email telling your subscribers that there’s a new feature coming soon just doesn’t cut it. This issue is exacerbated if the feature touches real estate prospects and clients in any way. You need to let your users know SEVERAL times that there is a new feature coming. These communications need to include video demos, feedback from the beta testers, starter guides etc.

3. What’s the why?
Launching features just for the sake of delivering something without explaining the value to a user is not going to work. You need to translate each new feature into the benefit that the user will realize from the new functionality. Ideally, the features being added will actually help make it easier or more effective to leverage the MLS system to support their clients’ needs.

Bottom line, if your MLS technology is not moving forward, it’s getting more and more outdated every day. It’s up to you to make sure you support your brokers and agents in getting the full value of the MLS system.