Nicole Jensen and Glenn East, CEO’s and two of the movers and shakers in the MLS and Association space have partnered with their long-time tech partner, MMSI, to offer an SSO Dashboard to provide a one stop shop of all of the value services offered by both the Northeast Florida Association of REALTORS®(NEFAR) and RealMLS. The two organizations are working together to create seamless data flow for membership applications, rosters, membership engagement, training, events, and a whole bunch more. WAV Group loves to see smart process automation creating efficiencies in organized real estate that will free up staff time to focus on better understanding and address customer needs.

MMSI is bringing innovation to SSO Dashboards. They are creating self-service options for brokers and agents as well as the ability for Associations to ensure their members never miss a deadline for CE credit or license renewals. They are also providing more intelligence to MLSs about what tools are most important to each of their customer target audiences.

MMSI has always been a really smart company. With the next generation of leaders taking the helm, the customization capabilities and innovation we’re seeing from them is pretty remarkable. I am so tired of hearing that well-established companies are not the ones to turn to anymore. There are always lots of “cool kid” companies coming into real estate claiming to have the next best thing, but they don’t have the depth of experience that companies that have been in the trenches working with hundreds of MLSs and Associations from around the country have. When you can find a company like MMSI, with 36 years of experience who is just as passionate about delivering customized solutions for each of their customers today, as the day they started they are a good bet!

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MMSI, fastest-growing MLS SSO Dashboard provider, partners with realMLS and NEFAR

Severna Park, MD, August 12, 2021

MMSI, leading provider of MLS and Association Management Systems to the real estate industry, today announced their latest SSO Dashboard partnership with realMLS in Northeast Florida. Both realMLS and their shareholder Northeast Florida Association of REALTORS® (NEFAR) are long-term customers of MMSI. MMSI is the only MLS and Association Management System provider that has delivered custom solutions to meet the unique needs of MLSs for over 36 years.

MMSI now provides MLS and Association Management Systems for over 550,000 members.

realMLS LogoAccording to Nicole Jensen, CEO of realMLS, “MMSI’s SSO Dashboard provides great value to our subscribers by enabling them to visit one easy-to-use dashboard to see all of the benefits provided by both realMLS and NEFAR. When the Dashboard goes live, it will provide the convenience of accessing MLS-provided tools and Association resources in one place. This dashboard collaboration between the MLS and the Association will minimize data issues which could impact our members’ ability to serve their customers. Our organizations will benefit from the seamless communication between Association and MLS records.”

The frictionless data flow provided by MMSI serves real-time access to billing, license renewals, training registrations, member tech benefits, plus Association and MLS events. With the process automation that has been provided from the platform for several years, information will be passed almost instantly from MMSI to RealMLS’ FlexMLS platform.

Mark Richburg, CEO of MMSI says, “As the pace of technology has accelerated in the consumer space, we see members, who are consumers 95% of their day, demanding the same real-time responsiveness from their Associations and MLSs. Driving process automation wherever possible, and process simplification everywhere else, MMSI is laser-focused on helping our customers work smarter, so their members can in turn invest their time where it counts – serving their clients.”

“We, at NEFAR and realMLS value the long-term relationships we’ve enjoyed with MMSI. We are working together to automate membership management, billing, communications, and technology engagement processes to save both organizations’ staff time on redundant tasks, while delivering increased member engagement. The merged MLS/Association SSO Dashboard will be the culmination of this important work, letting the member witness the value of both their MLS and their Association simultaneously, every single day,” says Glenn East, CEO of the Northeast Florida Association of REALTORS®(NEFAR). “

Added Richburg, “Unlike VC-backed ventures still fumbling around with what real estate associations need, MMSI has been solving for the unique nuances of REALTOR® Associations and MLS organizations by matching our decades of real-world experience delivering customized solutions via modern platforms. We’re focused on serving our customers, not planning an exit strategy.”

The company works with some of the best and brightest MLSs in the country, including Realcomp, NEREN, San Diego MLS, MLS Now, and many others, to automate MLS subscriber management including technology usage tracking, training participation, flexible subscription billing, and marketing communications to ensure that every subscriber gets the most out of their MLS subscription.

To learn more about MMSI’s SSO Dashboard and Membership Director click HERE.

About MMSI
MMSI delivers the most intuitive, accurate, and customizable membership, accounting, and SSO solution for MLSs and REALTOR® associations and A family-owned company celebrating 36 years of providing first-class customer service. MMSI offers the industry’s best member experience with AMS, Member Portal, SSO Dashboard, and Communication Center, all seamlessly integrated for staff efficiency and ease of use to over 550,000 members. Learn more at
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About realMLS
realMLS, the largest MLS in Northeast Florida serving over 10,000 subscribers. A service-centric and innovate Multiple Listing Service (MLS), realMLS promotes cooperation and professionalism. The company provides accurate, complete, and timely data to support collaboration as well quality products, education, and exceptional customer service. The company lives by a set of core values:
• Always service-centric and member focused
• Continuously innovative and forward thinking
• Ensuring all data and information is accurate and timely
• Intent on making all products and services easy to use
• Trusted partner to all served

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