Investment in Rental Beast is a first-of-its-kind for NAR’s Second Century Ventures

Rental Beast LogoThe National Association of Realtors‘ Second Century Ventures counts among its 10 companies for the 2022 REACH Canada program Rental Beast, the technology company that built rental tools and data for real estate agents with the vision that the hot rental market of today was inevitable. The REACH program selects technological innovators and companies that empower real estate firms.

The Rental Beast platform is designed to fully support real estate agents in an area most were not trained in, rental transactions. Market-forward tools and MLS-type data in the rental market are the unique signatures of Rental Beast.

Founder and CEO Ishay Grinberg has said, “Rentals represent a complex segment of the housing industry. Consumers all over the U.S. are facing rent increases with limited availability, and an approaching end to eviction pardons. Both property owners and renters need the help of agents. Our tools support agents in that mix.”

The answer to the complexity is how Rental Beast handles this type of data. For the most part, MLSs are unable to support rentals in their MLS system. Rental Beast opens the market to allow MLSs to provide and support transparent and accurate rental transactions. The lead-to-lease technology of Rental Beast is a one-of-a-kind toolkit for real estate professionals to navigate each aspect of the rental process, from identifying properties, matching tenants to property owners, and providing a platform of seamless integration with MLSs.

Renting has always been the logical first step toward homeownership in building a credit history while providing shelter. When real estate agents engage with renters, they are often building a relationship with a future buyer. During the pandemic, when many homeowners were not able to keep their homes, rentals became the alternative. Agents had to come up to speed in what is essentially a market of a potential $12 billion in annual commissions.

Rental Beast is expanding its MLS relationships across the country and into Canada. With a database of nearly 10 million rental listings, the Rental Beast seamless integration is there for more than half a million real estate professionals on the east coast, the midwest, and Florida.

The approach to technology is also a Rental Beast signature. Their Rental Beast University provides comprehensive and efficient tutorials for agents at all proficiency levels. Rental Beast for MLS is the seamless data partner in the industry and Apply Now by Rental Beast is the credit reporting-ready application tool.

In the vernacular of the tech world, Rental Beast is an end-to-end SaaS platform empowering real estate professionals with powerful productivity tools and the nation’s most comprehensive database of nearly 10 million off-MLS rental properties. Sourced directly from property owners, updated in real-time, and offering a fulfillment-grade rental dataset, the Rental Beast database provides real estate professionals with an unparalleled view of all properties and owner types.

But in plain speak, Rental Beast is a fierce, market-forward, visionary company in all things rental market housing.

We offer our congratulations to the Rental Beast team.