Delivering MLS services that resonate with every segment of your customer base is getting ever more challenging. Every person on the staff has to be sensitive to the diverse needs of MLS subscribers and participants. To help organizations with this challenge, the Council of MLS offers a strong suite of training tools called the CMLX series.

The foundation of the CMLX Educational series is to build a better real estate marketplace by equipping industry professionals with the knowledge, skills, and leadership abilities to move the industry forward. Through conferences, workshops, and professional credentialing programs, CMLS ensures that its members and key industry contributors are up to date on the latest best practices and industry topics.

It would be great for every MLS to follow the lead of NNRMLS and encourage all of their staff members to attend CMLX1 training. It would be even better to also encourage every one of your board members to complete the CMLXv training designed for volunteers.

If you have a little funds left in your training budget this year, check out the self-paced programs for everyone on your team!

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Here’s the full story below:

100 Percent of NNRMLS Staff CMLX1 Certified

As of October, three additional members of our team have earned their CMLX1 Certification, placing us as one of three MLS organizations in North America to have 100 percent of its staff obtain the international designations. (P.S. – there are currently over 200 members of the CMLS!)

A bit of background – The Council of Multiple Listing Services (CMLS) is an association of hundreds of MLSs committed to high standards of professionalism and performance. The CMLX program recognizes professional competencies in MLS management skills and real estate industry knowledge. CMLX1 is an online self-paced training that covers the evolution of the MLS, customer service and support, marketing and communications, financial management and HR, and MLS technology and data.

Among our team members who currently completed the CMLX1 certification is Nevada native Sabrina Tonino. Sabrina graduated from the University of Nevada, Reno in 2018 with a degree in Human Development and Family Studies. Upon graduating, Sabrina worked with a real estate team as a listing coordinator, which sparked an interest in the industry and led her to join NNRMLS as the Administrative Assistant in June of 2021.

“I love nothing more than finding new ways to assist others through any barriers,” said Sabrina. “As the first point of contact for our members, it’s important for me to have a deep understanding of the MLS and best practices for the industry. I feel that completing the certification greatly enhanced my communication efforts.”

This professional credentialing program ensures that key industry contributors are up to date on the latest and best practices, whether working directly with Members or operating the back end of the programs that help protect data, maintain systems, prevent breaches, and assist Members with technical support. Being one of only three in the nation to have 100 percent of its staff CMLX1 certified is a great honor, and we proudly applaud each and every one of our team members.

Noah Ball, one of NNRMLS’ talented support techs, also earned his certification in June of 2021. Prior to joining the company, Noah worked at the bookstore at the University of Nevada, Reno, where he graduated with a bachelor’s degree in information systems. With the industry basics, essentials and leadership CMLX1 offers, Noah has been a tremendous asset to NNRMLS’ Tech Team.

“I’ve always liked helping people and working with computers, so joining NNRMLS’ Tech Team combined the best of both worlds,” said Noah. “Getting CMLX1 certified helped me beef up my real estate and general MLS knowledge.

In early October, NNRMLS welcomed Regina Flores as the Communications Specialist. Regina graduated with a degree in journalism from the University of Nevada, Reno. In her role prior to joining NNRMLS, Regina worked at a marketing agency where she managed social media and marketing activities for various organizations in the region. Now, she’s working alongside Marketing Director Andrew Cristancho to enhance marketing and communications for NNRMLS.

“When I joined the team, I was determined to earn this international professional credential, not only to learn about the history of the MLS, but to also discover ways to apply this new knowledge into our marketing efforts,” said Regina.

The issuing agency of the certification, the Council of MLSs, says completion of CMLX1 indicates a staff’s dedication to professionalism and to furthering the goals of the real estate industry.

“I’m beyond proud of my team for going the extra step in their own professional credentials,” said Chief Executive Officer George Pickard. “Having a team that is 100 percent CMLX1 certified is just the beginning.”

Way to go, team!

NNRMLS Staff who have also completed CMLX certifications:

CEO George Pickard: Completed CMLX1 and CMLX2
• Director of Marketing Andrew Cristancho: Completed CMLX1 and CMLX 2
• Executive Assistant Amie Duncan: Completed CMLX1, (working on CMLX2)
• Senior Support Tech Dale Lloyd: Completed CMLX1
• Support Tech Chris Rock: Completed CMLX1
• Director of Membership and Compliance Misty Burch: Completed CMLX1
• Director of Information Technology Ryan Snyder: Completed CMLX1
• Director of Finance and Office Administration Amie VanClute: Completed CMLX1
• Member Support Specialist Brooke Murphy: Completed CMLX1

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