There is no functionality more important in real estate than searching for properties. Recognizing the need to evolve search to make it more engaging and intuitive, bridgeMLS has partnered with to be able to extract more relevant details out of each photo in their database. By using the artificial intelligence delivered by’s computer vision, agents will be able to search for homes with much more granularity. For example, they can search for a kitchen with stainless steel appliances, a kitchen island, or a beamed ceiling. With this new partnership, bridgeMLS will enable agents to better serve their clients by finding homes that match their specific home feature requests. To our knowledge there is no third-party website that yet includes the ability to search with this level of detail, giving MLS customers a key advantage.

Additionally, these interior and exterior AI tags will be included in IDX/VOW feeds, ensuring broker and agent websites will become more ADA Compliant.

Way to go bridgeMLS! WAV Group loves to celebrate MLS leadership!


Read the full press release below:

bridgeMLS becomes California’s first MLS to integrate

August 1st, 2022, Berkeley, California – bridgeMLS, an innovative multiple listing service in Northern California, becomes the latest MLS to empower its members with’s computer vision technologies.’s technology aids agents in the listing creation process by analyzing images and auto-populating the relevant listing details that can be seen in the photos. As each photo is uploaded,’s industry-leading artificial intelligence reads each photo and automatically detects each image’s room type such as a kitchen, bathroom or home office and the property’s features such as stainless steel appliances, a kitchen island, or the presence of a beamed ceiling.

bridgeMLS has made this functionality available to its clients through their connectMLS platform to save agents time and ensure listing completeness. With many of the fields being pre-populated as soon as a listing is uploaded, agents simply have to validate the information is correct before putting their property on the MLS. The extra details included with each property make it easier for agents to search and find the perfect home for their clients. Additionally, these interior and exterior AI tags will be included in their agents and brokers IDX/VOW feeds, ensuring their websites will become more ADA Compliant.

“We’re always looking for ways to bring the best technology to our members.” said DaVina Lara, CEO of bridgeMLS. “’s auto-pop solution makes our agent’s lives easier while also helping ensure our MLS has the highest quality data for all of our listings.”

Nathan Brannen,’s CPO added, “We’re very excited to partner with a forward-looking organization like bridgeMLS. Data completeness for every listing is the key to creating rich search experiences that make it easy for every home buyer to find their dream home.”

About bridgeMLS

bridgeMLS is the leading MLS Source in the Northern California/Bay Area Region with access to 10+ MLSs, providing more than 80% state coverage with a mission to promote cooperation and compensation by providing accurate and comprehensive data through innovative technology and services.


Born in 2015 and operating across 5 continents, is real estate’s leading computer vision provider. Their AI-powered solutions identify, analyze, and categorize real estate-specific insights at the image, listing, and market-level with an accuracy of up to 99%. Imagine having a real estate expert analyze each of the 1 million property photos uploaded every day… Well, now you can. Learn more at