Money may or may not buy happiness, but you for sure need it to buy a house. For most people that means getting a mortgage. Thirty-five percent of frustrated homebuyers in the WAV Group Homebuyer Frustration report pointed to the mortgage process being a source of their frustration. One respondent in the study suggested, “There needs to be more workers in the mortgage field to make it run faster.” 

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Buyers just want a seamless experience from home search to the closing table.  This is one of the reasons more brokerages have started offering ancillary services such as title and mortgage. Financing complications or delays are a constant struggle in any market, and when the market is moving fast and is super competitive, like it has been recently, it can get even more stressful. Here are some important points your team should add to their initial buyer education consultation.

  • Review Their Credit Report

Even if there is nothing incorrect or alarming to find on the report, it is quite likely that there is something on their report they could clarify or update which may get them a better score and possibly a better rate on the mortgage. So it is certainly worth the effort. Suggest they do this BEFORE trying to qualify for a mortgage. 

  • Get Organized

Buyers will need to track down their tax returns, print out paystubs, and if they are self-employed, they will want their profit and loss statements for at least two years. There will likely be delays with the mortgage company processing documents. Do not add to that delay by not having the documents ready to submit and re-submit when requested. 

  • Get Pre-Approved

Even before they find a house to make an offer on, buyers need to know how much they can afford. The pre-approval letter is an important step in the process, but it is not the end of the road. Buyers need to understand that there is still more work to be done once they find the house they want to buy.

  • Put the Mortgage Company on Speed Dial  

Once a house is selected, there is an entirely different approval process before the mortgage will be ready to fund. Buyers should be prepared to stay in touch with the lender throughout the process, and the agent should be tracking the process as well. They should proactively check on the status of the mortgage consistently once the offer is made until it is ready to fund on closing day. 

Even the most prepared of buyers can sometimes get frustrated. As another respondent in the WAV Group Homebuyer Frustration Report said, they wish there were “Clearer financial requirements to close.” As a neutral third-party, your agents can act as part counselor and part advisor for homebuyers trying to figure out the mortgage process. Sometimes they will just not understand what the mortgage company is asking for, or why they are asking for it. If your team can explain a term or help them get a document, that can help relieve some of the stress.

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