While supply is still limited and approximately ¼ of homes are still receiving multiple offers, homeowners are still hesitant. They do not believe there is enough demand for their home to warrant selling it.

Here’s one simple way to counter that belief and demonstrate strong home buyer interest.

Using the weekly ListTrac report available through participating MLS markets, it is easy to visually demonstrate where buyer interest is highest by looking at the weekly ListTrac views by price point information.

In the attached example, you can see that homes retailing between $200,000 and $400,000 are creating the most online interest. If you have a potential seller that falls into that price point you can convince them there IS strong buyer interest by sharing this easy to read graph shown here.

Ask your MLS If they offer ListTrac and how you can take advantage of this FREE tool included in your subscription. This tool is also great to show your seller clients all the ways you are generating listing exposure and lead activity for them. Ask your MLS to show you the automated sellers reports you can easier create with ListTrac too.