As a marketing professional, I often leverage email for client outreach, invitations to webinars and events, educational communication, and prospecting.  I’m often asked for advice on how to improve open rates and engagement, and I want to start with the most overlooked, but absolutely crucial part of the email…the subject line!

A compelling email subject line is what’s going to land you in the inbox, enticing your audience to open and engage with your content.  Below are five proven tips for crafting effective email subject lines, as well a list of words and/or phrases that deliver results.

  1. PERSONALIZATION – Using personalization such as the person’s name or geographic location helps your email POP in the inbox and makes your emails feel more relevant and/or tailored to the recipient.

    “John, here’s your exclusive discount code.”
    “The hottest new listing just hit Willow Creek.”

  2. URGENCY / SCARCITY – Subject lines that convey a sense of urgency or scarcity encourage recipients to open your email promptly, fearing they may miss out on an opportunity. 

    “Last chance!  50% off registration ends tonight.”
    “Need CE credits, Michael?  5 slots left.”

  3. INTRIGUE – Questions in subject lines can pique your recipient’s curiosity and motivate them to open your email to find the answer.

    “Tanya, are you making this common staging mistake?”
    “Has your broker failed to share this important compliancy information?”

  4. SPECIFICS – Incorporating specific numbers or statistics in your subject line can make your content appear more credible and valuable.

    “10 proven tips to boost your productivity.”
    “12% of Sarasota agents made this strategic move in 2023”

  5. CONCISE – Email subject lines should be short, clear, and to the point.  The longer or more ambiguous the subject is, the more likely it is to fail in capturing your recipient’s attention.

    “New Continuing Education:  Register Today”
    “Exclusive Access: Listing Presentation Webinar”


And last, here’s a list of words and/or phrases that can be combined with any of the above suggestions to help your emails stand out in crowded inboxes, increase open rates, and ultimately drive higher engagement.  Happy Marketing!

  • Exclusive
  • Exclusive Offer
  • Inspire
  • Discover
  • Exciting
  • Limited
  • Update
  • What?!
  • Epic
  • Epic Journey
  • Limited Time
  • Time Sensitive
  • Action Required
  • Breaking News
  • Quick Tips
  • Proven Strategies
  • Inspiring Stories
  • Essential Guide
  • Exclusive Access
  • Incredible
  • Action
  • Amazing
  • Wow!
  • Essential
  • Unlock
  • Why?
  • Secrets


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