• The member leadership of the National Association of REALTORS® will be considering a policy change related to MLS designed to eliminate pocket listings. The policy is 8.0 - called the Clear Cooperation policy. This topic was discussed in great detail at the 2019 Council of MLS meetings and met with widespread industry support.

    A number of brokers have developed innovative platforms for sellers that fall under a commonly understood policy called Coming Soon that may be wiped out by this new policy change. This has many in the industry concerned about repercussions the 8.0 policy change could have for these coming soon programs.

    Please download this white paper to review the considerations.

  • A New Definition of Professionalism was written to demonstrate how using verified sources for square footage can increase your Professionalism and reputation.

  • "Coming Soon" is referred to as the time between the signing of a listing agreement with a seller and the go- live date in the multiple listing service. The National Association of REALTORS® MLS Policy does not provide a Coming Soon option, however this business practice is common in many market areas and a wide number of MLSs have a Coming Soon Policy today.
    The purpose of the WAV Group Coming Soon Policy Study is to help MLSs reflect the perspectives of brokers and agents in shaping Coming Soon policies.

    Please download this white paper to review the considerations.

  • The 2021 WAV Group Transaction Management Interoperability Study revealed brokers have strong interest in the ability for Digital Transaction Management systems to pass data seamlessly for the brokerages representing two sides of a transaction. Today, brokers have to enter data in as many as 9 or 10 systems, creating inefficiency, added cost and increased chances of inaccurate data. According to the study, nearly 3/4 of brokers would like to enter data into one system, either at the MLS or brokerage, and then seamlessly pass the information to other systems. Use Promo Code: WAV2022 through the end of the year to get free access to this report.
  • Your MLS organization is not immune to the “new normal.” Remote work was a growing trend before the pandemic made it an essential part of day-to-day operations for the industries that could manage it. Now that vaccines are available and COVID-19 protocols are changing, the question that many industries are dealing with is whether they should continue to work remotely or not. The real estate industry is one that was able to successfully navigate the pandemic shut downs and now must answer the reopening question. WAV Group has surveyed over 100 MLS and associations about how they are evaluating and answering this very important question that will shape the new normal for years to come. Use Promo Code: WAV2022 through the end of the year to get free access to this report.
  • Homebuyer Frustration Report Even under the most ideal purchasing conditions, buying a home can be a stressful process. The Homebuyer Frustration report asked homeowners who purchased during the post-pandemic housing market what caused them the most stress.   It revealed many factors of stress that were particularly heightened during the recent seller’s market. Plus the report indicated that there were certain stressors that seemed to lead to not just buyer frustration but buyer’s remorse.  Get the full report now to see how you can help your client’s avoid common areas of frustration.       
  • Ocusell is a new technology firm that is solving an old problem for the real estate industry. Learn more about their solution by using the free coupon code - Ocusell