marketlinxnewswebpageThe places one finds business intelligence these days….. Twitter! If you follow@marketlinxnews on twitter, you will see their rather casual announcements of each instance that an MLS or Association enters into a licensing agreement for InfoNet.InfoNet is CoreLogic’s data licensing program whereby they license active listing content from MLSs (and pay them for it) then sell access to the data via their AVM products to the federal government, banks, freddie, fannie, insurance companies and the like. Their only competitor in this marketplace is NAR’s subsidary, the Realtor Property Resource. They also build an AVM called the RVM (Realtor Valuation Model) that they market competitively to the federal government, banks, freddie and fannie. The difference is that the RPR license agreement trades REALTOR products like market reports for access to the data. RPR has a marketing agreement with LPS to sell access to the RVM to the financial industry.

To get information about RPR, follow the hash tag #RPR or @reggierpr and @kristencarr

Two different approaches, same fantastic result – Soon, the banking industry will be able to have data which will enable them to expedite short sale negotiations and loan modifications – stemming the foreclosure debacle. Great work by both companies to solve the most important issue facing real estate today.

WAV Group partner Mike Audet authored an excellent paper comparing and contrasting these initiatives. Download it here for free – Download Link