LPS launched their new real estate group website over the weekend.Http://www.lpsreg.com. The site is rich with information for their four primary product consumers: Brokers & Franchisors; Real Estate Agents; MLS; Data and Media.

Drilling into any product group allows you to visualize the solutions. This is an interesting tactic – they are focused on solutions rather than products. Once a user selects the solution that meets their needs, the products that fill that need appear.

I like the site.  Hugely improved over the last site.

1000Watt Consulting worked with LPS to put all of the pieces together, even added some leadership videos and written customer testimonials. Given 1000Watt’s mantra of helping companies out innovate the competition, I expect that the site will continue to evolve. Overtime, I would expect to see more engagement focused product blogs, social media hooks, and other innovations missing from the site today.. Those tools will allow the brand and its people to communicate with customers. (There is a twitter link – but there are no posts or followers there yet. – I joined as their first one:-).

Check out this video that introduces LPS and its leadership team.


LPS Executive Team Final Candidate from 1000watt Consulting on Vimeo.

Disclosure: WAV Group has worked on a variety of projects for LPS – we had no influence on the website project.