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The leading real estate consultants at WAV Group are unveiling a new, enhanced website. The new site will make their valuable content even more accessible to brokers, MLSs, and associations seeking to grow their business.

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WAV Group (www.wavgroup.com) has become the go-to resource for real estate industry insiders seeking guidance about strategy and technology. To make their valuable insights and information more accessible to readers, the thought leaders at WAV Group have redesigned their website. One look at the new site confirms that WAV Group is on the cutting edge of the technology they recommend to their clients.

“Our current website and blog have always had great readership.  We believe it’s because we provide MLSs, real estate associations, brokers and technology companies with articulate, actionable data and advice,” says Michael Audet, co-founder of WAV Group. “The goal of the site redesign is to combine these resources and make our content more accessible and interactive for our readers. When people visit the new site, I think they’ll see that we’ve achieved that goal.”

The website incorporates existing content (such as WAV Group’s in-demand white papers, reports, and news articles) with the company’s blog and archives of past content. The posts available on the new site will go back as far as 2007, when WAV Group launched one of the first real estate technology blogs. This wealth of still-relevant information was previously unavailable on WAV Group’s website.

“Our reports include in-depth studies of the most important topics in real estate,” explains Victor Lund, co-founder of WAV Group. “We discuss consumer websites, strategic planning, and other hot button issues that are gaining buzz in the industry. Listing Syndication is a great example of this; it’s something we’re excited about and regularly coach our clients about. When we set about redesigning the website, one of our priorities was extending our content deeper into social media, giving people the ability to socialize our content and connect with us and our colleagues in a social space.”

“When people visit the new site and see the educational information we provide, we hope that they’ll register for a complimentary membership,” says Marilyn Wilson, co-founder of WAV Group. “With their membership, they’ll receive real-time email alerts. These updates will summarize central content from the website and include additional news articles, best practices, and other resources only available to this exclusive group.

To help build the new site, WAV Group chose 1parkplace from San Diego, CA. Migrating content from a customer Joomla website to a custom WordPress website required special expertise, and 1parkplace was among the few developers who qualified. “WAV Group has a very dynamic team, so they expected us to function at the highest level,” says Steve Hundley, CEO of 1parkplace. “We were excited about the challenge.” In a process Mr. Hundley compares to “forensic reconstruction,” the 1parkplace team transitioned over 1,000 posts (with images). They used their SmartPress state-of-the-art blogging platform to provide better activity reporting for WAV Group, improved search for users, and faster indexing for search engines.

“Building this site was like trying to transplant a thousand-year-old oak tree. The deep roots certainly posed a challenge, but giving the tree room to grow was absolutely essential,” explains Mr. Hundley. “In this new space, I believe that the WAV Group site will continue to grow and, along the way, help other businesses thrive as well.”

About WAV Group

WAV Group is the global business advisory practice of Marilyn Wilson, Victor Lund, and Michael Audet. This dynamic team brings decades of experience to strategic planning, product management, marketing, business development, and implementation. The company’s clients include prominent companies and start-ups in North America, Europe, and South America.