Marty ReedWAV Group would like to extend a sincere congratulations to our friend, Marty Reed of LPS.

LPS Executive Rich Lull announced today that Marty Reed has accepted a new position expanding her role with LPS Real Estate Group’s MLS business.

“Marty and team has done an incredible job with the development and launch of Paragon 5, currently being deployed by LPS’s 200+ Paragon accounts, and being presented to a number of MLS’s for consideration for conversion,” says Lull. Effective immediately, Ms. Reed will assume the role of VP ParagonSolutions, taking on responsibility for P&L management of the Paragon suite of products, as well as LPS’s Association Management product, LAMPS. In her new role, Reed will expand her focus beyond the products and work with LPS customers and the LPS team to insure a long and successful life for Paragon.

Lull continues, “Marty and her team have exceeded all expectations with the release of Paragon 5. LPS customers are thrilled with our new cross-browser, iPAD compatible, multi-tasking MLS system. Initial response from the marketplace has resulted in a bunch of new opportunities which adds to the long term life for this renewed product family.”

“During this process, Reed has exhibited a solid understanding of the business challenges that confront our customers and ourselves”, said Rich Lull, SVP MLS Solutions. “LPS is deeply committed to the Paragon product, and it serves all of us well tohave an experienced, effective leader to ensure the highest level of customer satisfaction possible, as well as insure a profitable business for LPS. We have no reservations giving Marty this opportunity”.