Barbara Corcoran Image Successful New York City REALTOR® with appearances on NBC’s TODAY Show and ABC’s reality hit Shark Tank

Barbara Corcoran knows that innovation may be the single most important key to success in today’s highly competitive marketplace. She is known for having built the most successful real estate business in New York City, as well as her current appearances on NBC’s TODAY Show and as investor/shark on ABC’s reality hit Shark Tank, from which she is now shepherding 11 new businesses to success!

In this free live webinar Barbara reveals the unconventional strategies she used to achieve this, like:

  • How to create an image bigger than reality.
  • How to use the press to get free publicity.
  • How a little savvy and a lot of guts can turn you into the leader in your field.


In addition to her innovative ideas and insights, Barbara will share anecdotes on building a thriving business and a successful brand in today’s marketplace.