WAV Group Reach Email Image There is an old pubic relations myth that indicates that the best day for issuing PR is on Tuesday. This opinion is likely formed from the days when media was printed on paper or broadcast on TV. Tuesday is not the top day anymore.

For today’s MLS, Association, or any other company that supports real estate agents, communication is very important. The timing of that communication is also very important. Despite the nay-sayers that preach “REALTORS don’t read,” we have learned that they do. They read a lot. In fact, the problem with communicating to real estate professionals may not be related to their reading habits, but the sheer volume of information that is pushed to them each day.

I think that one of the near term issues that MLSs and Associations will encounter in the near future is vendors spamming agents. Some MLS offer 40 products either as member benefits or premium services (hunting licenses). In some cases, each vendor may send as many as 1 or 2 emails each week to every MLS subscriber. Ouch. This makes it nearly impossible for the MLS to get their own message through. Here is a tip.

RE Technology is published in more than 60 MLS. As a result, we have been able to look at the patterns of real estate agents from across the nation. The top days to communicate to agents and brokers is Monday or Thursday. As for time of day – not exactly sure on that. What is your opinion?

Top Days to Communicate to agents and brokers ranking chart

Top 10 traffic days on RE Technology in past 30 days