WAV Group Webinar Logo Real estate technology is changing in dramatic ways today at both the MLS and broker levels as we have detailed in recent white papers, “The Shift in Real Estate Technology” and “Real Estate Technology – Keys to Adoption”.   MLSs and Associations now have more opportunities than ever to offer their members technologies that make their business lives easier and more efficient.   A number of these new models for introducing the right software today are a win/win for both the vendors and the customers as they rely on “value selling” and often allow revenue to be realized on both the vendor and client side with minimum cost barriers for product introduction. REGISTER FOR THE WEBINAR 

MLSs and Associations today often provide multiple products to their members that fail to get adopted by a large percentage of their members.  While only a small percentage use these products, the entire membership often subsidizes these products.  These broad, lightly used product offerings are difficult to justify today in a time of declining memberships and tough markets.  Costs for lightly used products extend far beyond the initial fee as they also require support, upgrades and ongoing education, often for a very small subset of users.

New “Freemium” models that still provide great value at the free level are a perfect solution to this issue.  They allow an organization to eliminate costs for current products that may be adopted by only a small percentage of the members, while those that want deeper versions of a product can choose an upgrade path on their own.

A number of products exist today that offer some version of a “freemium” product line. On April 3rd, WAV Group invites you to attend a free webinar we are facilitating on behalf of DotLoop, that explores this new trend and their new “freemium” technology called DotLoop-NOW™.

In the case of DotLoop, associations and MLSs can review how they might eliminate the cost of multiple technologies like online forms software’s, eSign solutions, document storage and sharing platforms by providing DotLoop-NOW free to their members.  Members then have an opportunity to subscribe and pay for deeper functionality if they wish.  As DotLoop points out, “it’s about delivering a life changing value and a product that actually gets adopted.  Eliminating costs of multiple solutions and generating revenue from technology solutions is a byproduct of implementing the right solution.” WAV Group is a believer in this approach in general and sees it as a great fit for the MLS and Association model we have in our industry.  With this approach vendors understand their software has to provide instant value first and that revenue follows with successful adoption.  This puts the emphasis on performance and adoption not sales promises.

DotLoop believes their approach makes the offer-to-close process more efficient by providing a simple solution to complete the entire process as opposed to one component of the process.  They contend it’s about the experience in delivering consistency and collaboration within one environment to the process of buying and selling real estate.

On this webinar, MLS and Association executives (board members, decision makers, CEO’s, directors, etc) will explore the “freemium” approach and see how DotLoop believe their technology improves the transaction process, for agents, brokers and ultimately buyers/sellers while hearing perspectives on “best practices” for successful technology adoption from MLS leaders.

WAVGroup invites you to attend the free webinar we are facilitating on behalf of DotLoop, to introduce their new “basic” version of their technology service for MLSs and Associations called DotLoop-NOW™.  DotLoop-NOW™ is based on their current DotLoop product serving over 120,000 users in the U.S. today. DotLoop-NOW™ is offered free to the members of client MLSs and Associations and also includes a revenue share opportunity for MLSs and associations that attend the webinar that will be explained during the webinar. Please join us on April 3rd, 2012 from 1:00 PM to 2:00 PM EST to learn more about DotLoop-NOW™ and this limited opportunity being offered for MLSs and Associations.


The webinar has five key objectives:

  • Explore “best practices” for successful MLS/association software adoption in 2012
  • Explain what the DotLoop-NOW™ program is for MLSs and associations.
  • Detail partnership opportunities that exist for associations and MLS’s with DotLoop-NOW™
  • Review the DotLoop-NOW™ value proposition
  • Share perspectives from MLS/association leaders who have already moved down this technology path with DotLoop Now.

The revenue share opportunity is only being offered to MLSs and associations that attend this webinar and decide to move forward with DotLoop-NOW™, to encourage and reward early product adoption. DotLoop-NOW will still be offered at no charge to MLSs and associations in the future but they do not guarantee the revenue share option will continue to be offered to new clients after this initial rollout.  Please be sure to register and attend this webinar so you will have the opportunity to take advantage of this revenue opportunity if you decide to implement the DotLoop Now program.

Note:  WAV Group works with MLSs, Associations and numerous technology companies to provide a broad spectrum of consulting services including webinar facilitation.  WAV Group does not receive compensation for the sale of this or any other product and webinar facilitation should not be seen as endorsement of specific companies or products.