joomla Logo As you may know, RE Technology is built on an open source content management solution called Joomla. Joomla competes with WordPress and Drupal in this category. Choosing a platform is never an easy task and I am sure that a debate among strong willed patriots from each of the open source camps would end in a draw. You can pick any one of them and have great success.

Today, RE Technology has been averaging about 1.7 Million visits a month and we have not had any down time! That is awesome performance, especially contrasted against this site, which is built on WordPress and has an incident of some type every month with fewer than 300,000 visits a month.

Joomla powers about 3% of the internet today. It has some pretty interesting companies that have chosen it as their platform. Johnson & Johnson is the biggest company to use it. Cambridge University uses it. If Linux operating systems represents the soul of open source software, then it is an honor to have Joomla chosen as the foundation of – the voice of Linux.

Recently, the Guggenheim Art Museum website was featured in an Apple Ad – and it caught my eye! It may have been random, but it was great that Apple picked a Joomla site to be featured in the release for the iPad 4G lte. Goggenheim won the award for the best non-profit website in the Joomla awards last year.

Award-winning Joomla web site featured by Apple in the new iPad campaign Credit:

It was thus no surprise when Apple included in its refreshed campaign to showcase the features of the new iPad.

As you can see here and on the Apple web site, the Guggenheim web site is displayed on the iPad in the 4G LTE section.

You certainly don’t need 4G speed to view a Joomla web site, but Apple is correct — RE Technology and Guggenheim look great, and load fast on the iPad, and indeed on all devices.

The WAV Group site is a wordpress site. WAV Group has experience in both WordPress and Joomla. If you are thinking of choosing one of those, we would be happy to answer any questions and help you find experienced developers.