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Years ago, before ListHub, Point2, and Postlets, – if a broker wanted to publish listings to a third party consumer facing website, they would need to hand enter the listing or manufacture a data feed. ListHub was among the pioneering companies that helped brokers solve this problem. Today, in most MLS markets around the nation, ListHub offers a free service to brokers that will send broker listings to hundreds of websites. Today, ListHub released an upgrade to this system that offers more brokers options and flexibly in choosing their publisher partners.

For MLSs, ListHub now allows you to share your opinion about each publisher in the form of ratings or notes.

For Brokers, you can use the new dashboard filters to find sites that play nicely with broker data.

For the real estate industry, hopefully this is the first step toward building a robust set of guidelines for syndication that protect the listing broker and the consumer.

The launch of the program has been titled ListHub Preferred Publisher. In essence, the industry has been quite critical about ListHub’s model for summarizing aspects of publisher websites that are important to brokers. In this new launch, ListHub is addressing those issues by better identifying publisher terms of use and data use policies.

The primary criteria being highlighted by ListHub includes the following:

  • No Re-Syndication
  • Posts Redirect Link
  • Provides Error Reports
  • Provides Metrics
  • Shows Broker Contact Information
  • Timely Listing Removal
  • Timely Support
Re-Syndication is an obvious problem for brokers. Brokers are responsible to the seller wherever the listing is displayed online. If a publisher sends the listing somewhere else without the broker’s consent – that is bad.

The re-direct link is intended to link back to the broker website, or to ListHub landing pages as a default when the broker link is not available. Error reports tell ListHub when the feed is broken.

Metrics are refers to the publisher providing ListHub with data like the number of times a listing has appeared in search results, number of times a listing detail page has been viewed, number of leads generated, click thoughs, etc. This is the data that ListHub uses for their broker and MLS reports. Some companies like Trulia have refused to provide ListHub with that data.

This revision has many more features, like the ability for MLSs to leave comments for broker review. An important feature that I really like is that the default for Auto-Syndication is turned OFF!

Below is a screenshot from a tab in the new dashboard. All in all I think that these changes are moving in the right direction of providing brokers and MLS with more syndication control. Moreover, I think that Listhub is putting a bit of pressure on publishers to be better industry citizens.

ListHub Publisher Filters Screenshot




MLSs Can Now Designate Preferred Publishers; Brokers Rate Publishers

CAMPBELL, Calif. – (April 25, 2012) – ListHub, the largest syndicator of real estate listings and website analytics, today announced the launch of the ListHub Preferred Publisher Program. Real estate brokers syndicating listings through ListHub’s Preferred Publisher Program can now quickly identify preferred publishers and publisher rules, rate publisher websites and access reports through the control panel. The new features bring greater transparency, control and protection to real estate brokers as they syndicate listings to multiple publishers. ListHub is operated by Move, Inc., (NASDAQ:MOVE), the leader in online real estate.

ListHub’s Preferred Publisher Program gives MLSs the opportunity to designate publisher sites as preferred based on criteria important to the MLS and their members. Brokers can then use the MLS preferred list as a guide when making their listing syndication choices based on which publisher site will best fit their marketing needs. ListHub’s new 5-star rating system enables brokers to share their opinions about publishers with other brokers nationwide. These peer ratings will be available in the ListHub dashboard next to each publisher’s name.

New filters are now available for brokers to use for opting in or opting out of syndicating their listings to a particular publisher. Advanced filters include “timely removal of inactive listings,” “no re-syndication” and ”shows broker contact information.” By clicking the individual filters, brokers will discover only those publishers that meet their selected criteria. Additionally, MLSs can now run customized performance reports at their convenience instead of waiting for a monthly report to be emailed to them. This increased flexibility allows MLSs to better serve their members and provide real time reporting metrics.

“I’m very pleased with the investment that ListHub has made in building these new tools to help our MLS and our members make more informed decisions about online advertising,” said Greg Manship, CEO of Intermountain MLS in Boise, ID. “Our MLS is excited to have the opportunity to provide our members with more leadership in this area.”

Because ListHub values data integrity and respects the rights of content owners, ListHub provides basic protections to listing brokers through agreements with individual publishers. As examples, ListHub publishers agree to terms that restrict them from using listings for undisclosed non-display uses or derivative products and must confirm operators of the publisher website are not brokerages. ListHub publishers must also agree to display copyright information on each listing as appropriate.

ListHub’s General Manager Luke Glass commented, “These new tools provided by the Preferred Publisher program will allow brokers to quickly ascertain which publishers provide the best marketing opportunities for their listings. Our MLS partners have told us that they want to provide guidance to their members, but without controlling their advertising choices. ListHub agrees that the final decision on where to syndicate should remain with the individual Broker.”

More details about ListHub’s Preferred Publisher can be found at:




ListHub is operated by Move, Inc., (NASDAQ: MOVE), the leader in online real estate. ListHub provides a platform to MLSs and real estate brokers to effectively manage every aspect of advertising listings online, including tools for making informed advertising choices, flexible options for routing consumer traffic and leads, and reporting for accurately measuring the results of their online marketing. Listing information is kept up-to-date to provide today’s homebuyers with the most accurate information available from the MLS. ListHub is the leading platform nationwide for listing management, serving more than 43,000 brokerage firms, and synchronizing listing information from over 400 MLS data sources with more than 100 publisher websites.



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