WAV Group Logo WAV Group is conducting a national research project to help MLSs better understand adoption rates of the myriad of technology services now being offered by MLSs. Many MLSs provide products such as tax/public records, showing appointment software, document management, forms and so on. It is important to understand how many of your active members are actually using each of these tools to understand whether the costs are justified.  Many MLSs have asked us to help them better understand their success in gaining adoption relative to other MLSs around the country.

There are many dynamics to consider when evaluating adoption rates.  Many MLSs simply look at the total number of agents using a particular tool and then calculate an adoption rate based on the entire subscriber base.  This calculation does not take into account the fact that a relatively small percentage of agents complete the bulk of the transactions in most MLSs. It also doesn’t consider that the membership also includes appraisers, property managers, commercial members and others who do not actively sell real estate.

This survey is intended to help all of us better understand what a successful product intended for active agents looks like.  Is 10% adoption good?  30%?  We believe it is important to know.

We would like your MLS members to participate in a short survey to help us understand product adoption for our industry.  There is no charge for your participation and we will provide the following to you for your participation FREE of charge:

  1. A report summary of the national findings
  2. Individual adoption results for your MLS for your specific products
  3. Entry of all participants in the survey in a drawing for two free iPads.

The survey is intended to be completed by your members and can be distributed through:

  • Direct email invitation to your members (WAV Group can do this for you upon request at not charge).
  • Access on the Home Page of your MLS system.
  • Invitations via MLS newsletters, web page, etc.

The survey will only ask your members to respond to the specific products offered through your MLS.

To participate, just email us at sean@wavgroup.com and we will provide you with the details to make survey available to your members.  If you have any questions please email us as well,  or call us at 716-839-4628.  We look forward to your participation in this exciting research.