Apple and Microsoft LogosMany of the nation’s leading MLS systems require agents to use the Microsoft browser in order to access the MLS. Although there are plenty of MLS systems that support cross browser capability, not all do – which is where the problem crops up. This issue is an example of the importance of cross browser compatibility in an MLS system.

PC World released an article today indicating the following:

“If you use Internet Explorer 6, 7, 8, or 9 as your default browser, security experts are advising you to use a different web browser until Microsoft patches a critical vulnerability in ID.” Microsoft confirmed the critical vulnerability on Monday stating that hackers were actively exploiting the IE vulnerability that could allow them to take over a user’s PC.

RE Technology tracks browser access across its million monthly visitors and recognizes that nearly 75% of agents are using the IE browser today. This could be a significant issue that will create a great deal of disruption to our industry in the short term.

Agent Browser Usage Statistics Chart Screenshot Here is what you can do.

If you MLS is cross-browser compatible, send out a system alert and encourage agents to use a different browser until the issue is patched or modify the IE security settings to “High.”

If your MLS is not cross-browser compatible, alert agents to the dangers of allowing any website to run a script. There are more details in the PC World article that can be found here: