A few weeks ago I gave the state of California gave credit for their proactivity in measuring consumer perspectives on the DMV. They are definitely focused on making the experience of renewing your license more pleasant.  Today, I’m going to have to give them a gig them for an issue I found on their website today….sorry guys.

Error Message

I just went online to download some paperwork for a permit I was applying for and I got this screen while using Safari as my browser – ARGGGGHHHHHH!

My first thought was  “What organization that is designed to service of the needs of its paying customers would not be browser-agnostic today?  How ridiculous is that?”  And then my mind turned to real estate…

Usage share of web browsers line chart

Well, guess what….we live in a world that is JUST THAT CRAZY!   Do you really think that in today’s multi-browser world that it is okay to offer products that are only designed for IE?   Blasphemy, you say?  Most real estate professionals prefer IE you say?  Well, let’s look at the facts:

According to Stat Counter, Internet Explorer has been steadily LOSING customers for the past four years.

Today, Both Chrome and Firefox are MORE THAN DOUBLE the size of IE.

For those that IE is still the top dog of the browser world, think again.

What will it take for our industry to understand IE is not the browser of choice any longer and hasn’t been since 2008?

Browser Statistics Month by Month Chart If you have a platform that is not addressing the needs of every browser now and future, you are WAY behind!   Time to stop acting like a state government and more like an entrepreneur interested in helping his customers sell more real estate no matter what computer they choose and what browser they prefer.

As you consider technology for your business or for your customers you need to keep two critical things in mind.

1. All applications need to work fully on all browsers and operating systems

2. All applications need to work fully on all screens (Mobile, Tablet, PC).