WAV Group 2012 MLS Technology Survey Report Cover Image We are pleased to present the results from the WAV Group 2012 MLS Technology Survey for your review and ongoing technology evaluation.  From September 29, 2012 to November 4, 2012 WAV Group fielded the WAV Group 2012 MLS Technology Survey to participating MLSs.  72 MLSs, representing 37 different states or provinces participated in the survey at both staff and user level. 15,130 individual participants filled out the survey completely making it the largest survey of its kind.  WAV Group would like to thank all of the MLSs and individual respondents that participated. Download the report here!

Participants Receive Additional Report

This survey report is unsponsored and is provided at no charge to our friends in the industry.  We hope you find this useful in your ongoing review of MLS technology services.  Participating MLSs also received a detailed survey report for their MLS system, at no charge, which includes the results from all of the MLSs that use their MLS system.  If your MLS did not participate this year we encourage to register for 2013 so you will receive this additional information to assist you in your ongoing technology review.

Survey Distributed to MLS Staff and Users

The 2012 WAV Group MLS Technology Survey is distributed to both staff and MLS members. What is important to an MLS staff person may be totally different from what a user wants to see in their MLS system so it is critical to obtain feedback from both for a balanced perspective.  As you review the survey results you will see a number of differences when comparing staff and user ratings.  Since this is the second year we have run our national survey we are also able to show you some trend results from 2011 to 2012.

MLS Systems Included

The following MLS systems has a sufficient number of responses to be included in the report:

  • connect MLS
  • FlexMLS by FBS
  • Fusion by MarketLinx
  • InnoVia by MarketLinx
  • LIST-IT MLS by Solid Earth
  • Matrix by MarketLinx
  • MLXchange by MarketLinx
  • Navica MLS by Systems Engineering
  • Paragon 5 by LPS
  • Rapattoni MLS
  • TEMPO 5 by MarketLinx
  • In-House MLS Systems (4)

One Part of a Technology Review

Surveys should never be used on their own to make a technology selection. We recommend this information be included as part of your ongoing technology review but encourage you to do a detailed analysis when and if you are looking to make a technology change.

Technology Evaluation/Selection Services

WAV Group assists MLSs each year with technology evaluation and selection and can customize a process specifically for your MLS whether you are interested in a technology update for your leadership, picking new mobile technology products or conducting a full MLS system “Request for Proposal”. Download the report here!

For more information on these WAV Group services contact us at:

Email: mike@wavgroup.com

Office:  716-839-4628