realtech san francisco Logo WAV Group partner, Victor Lund will be attending the RealTech conference in San Francisco April 30th (Fairmont Hotel). The conference is being put together by an emerging technology company called Reesio. It is a very interesting way to connect agents with technology.

Reesio is battling in a very difficult and competitive category in real estate technology – Transaction Management. Transaction Management may be the technology that has offered real estate agents and brokers the greatest promises for the longest time – but has never really come of age. That may be changing with the efforts of so many impassioned new companies that are starving to make transaction management a reality in realty.

What Reesio has learned in the past year is that launching a technology company in real estate is very hard. You need to reach a lot of people and you need to have a solution that is flexible enough to manage the 1,100,000 ways that REALTORS manage their deals. In what may be the marketing coup de tat of the century, they are having a conference in Inman’s back yard and inviting a bunch of technology companies to join the fun. Speakers and presenters include Trulia, Zillow, Realty Shares, and real estate broker/agent rater – Homelight., Cloud CMA have joined in on the fun too. They are joined by about 25 companies that nobody as even heard of yet – see the list here

The price of the show is $25 to $199 – making it uber affordable. Vendors can exhibit for $300. There have been a lot of new conferences springing up lately. A few years ago Inman launched reBoot. Matt Fagioli launched xplode. NAR is touring with their reACH program. Mortgage publishing leader, HousingWire is going all out with a huge show in Austin which we will be attending. All of this activity represents a lot of life in real estate technology today. Its exciting.