200RETechnologyTreeLogoLooking for an easy way to help prepare your Technology Committees before they head to NAR Mid-Year next week?  Check out RE Technology’s third annual Technology Guide! Just released today, this free resource helps them identify technology solutions that can be considered for your organization. Every product in the guide features a list of conferences and trade shows that each company will be attending. View a live demo or speak face-to-face with company representatives to learn more about their solutions.

Trying to navigate the crowded sea of available tech tools can be a daunting task for technology committees and real estate professionals. With so many options to choose from, things can get confusing fast. By providing detailed information and points of contact for 127 products in 23 categories, the 2013 Technology Guide is a valuable reference during your research process. Use it as your starting point whenever you’re considering a new tech purchase!

This guide can be sent to all of your members free of charge to help them even if you are not a registered user of RETechnology.com.

How to Use the Guide

The guide is simple to use, and this year we’ve made it even easier for readers to navigate. You can download the entire guide as a PDF or thumb through it right from your browser. Below are a few ways you can navigate the web-based version. Choose whatever method is most comfortable for you!

  • Turn pages like a book: Love the feel of turning pages in a book? You can do that with the guide, too! Just click and drag the top or bottom page corners to move forward or back.
  • Use the arrows: Click the arrows on either side of the guide to move forward or back.
  • Click to turn: Double click the top or bottom of any page to go to the next.
  • Jump to a specific page: Know exactly where you want to go? Just type the page number in the input field to view it instantly.
  • Use the Table of Contents: If you’re looking for a specific product or category of products, use our handy table of contents to find it. From there, just click on the page you’re looking for and you’ll be sent there immediately.

We’ve made the guide as easy to view as possible, so if the text is too big or too small, just use our handy zoom feature to adjust things to a comfortable size. If you want to use the Guide on the go, you can do that, too. The browser based version of our 2013 Technology Guide is built on a responsive platform so you can read it on your laptop, phone, or tablet!

Create a Custom Download

We want to empower your technology search as much as possible, and we know that you’re probably not interested in all of the 127 products included in the guide. Once your technology committee has narrowed down the products they’re interested in most, they can create a custom version of the guide to download and refer back to whenever you need.

To do this, simply check the box below the pages you want to include in your custom download. When you’re ready, click ‘Export Selected Pages’ and your personalized version of the guide will be downloaded instantly to your computer.

Advice on Choosing Tech Products

RE Technology, our sister company, encourages you to research your options before making any tech purchase. Think about what features matter to you most in a product, and look into which solutions offer these features. You can use the 2013 Technology Guide‘s custom download feature to create a packet of similar products. Use the packet to compare products and choose the one that best fits your needs.

If you’re mindful of your bottom line (and who isn’t?), check with your brokerage, MLS, or association to see what products they offer as member benefit. You may be eligible for a discount. We recommend creating a custom download of any products or services your organization offers and using it to guide your purchase decisions.

If a product you’re interested in isn’t available through your brokerage or MLS, there may still be an option to try before you buy. See our Friday Freebies column for a selection of free trial offers.

Ready to get started? View the 2013 Technology Guide today!

By the way if you are interested in learning about how to offer RETechnology.com to your members or agents free of charge, feel free to contact us at lizz@retechnology.com and we can help your team benefit from the daily education and tips to help them learn how to leverage technology more effectively.