Instagram-300x73Anybody who has children has probably known about Instagram for a while now as a photo sharing social media site.  It is by far my 10-year-old daughter’s favorite method for sharing her life with her friends.

Two weeks ago, Instagram began offering the ability to share short videos on their site and it has exploded.

In just two weeks there have been amazing brand video ads for corporations placed on the site.  You can check them out here.  From what I could see with the videos I reviewed so far, there are a few ways that real estate companies and MLSs might be able to use the tool effectively.

First, think about using Instagram to provide an “insider’s view” to something that may not be available any other way. For example, can you show the amazing backyard of a home that you cannot see from the street?  Can you walk us through an amazing kitchen in a luxury home?

How about showing your followers how much you care about the community – share a landmark moment at a local zoning hearing.

Or how about creating a fun video showing your team having fun and being silly?

You could take it to the business side as well and do a 10-second snapshot of market highlights.

There’s no limit to the creativity you can exhibit with video. The difference with Instagram and it’s competitor called VINE?   They are quick, simple to produce and can be posted instantly.  No post production editing or other heavy lifting – just shoot it and go – great way to stay in touch with clients without a lot of hassle.

If you want to learn about other ways to use Video in your business effectively, go to and check out companies that can help you with training, production and promotion of video.