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Social Media Bandwagon


8 Reasons You’re Not Generating Real Estate Leads Through Social Media

When using social media, there are so many pitfalls you can potentially befall an agent trying to generate leads for themselves online. In many cases, you see agents making the same mistakes online, then throwing their hands up in the air to proclaim “social media doesn’t work” for leads. Social does work, but in lots of cases it requires time and effort when compared to more traditional methods of lead generation.


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Telephone Tips for Real Estate Agents

Whether you’re answering a call from someone who saw your yard sign or conversing with a long-distance client, how you conduct yourself on the phone is a large part of your professional image. This is no place to skimp on your manners.

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18 Tips for an Awesome Real Estate Listing Presentation

Seven seconds. That’s how much time it takes to make a first impression. As an agent, your first impression has to be fantastic in order to convince a seller to list with you. Proper planning and preparation will gain you an edge over the competition and earn your potential seller’s business.


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More Brokers Offering More Services

Marketing technology provider Imprev released an interesting study that confirms more brokerages are focusing on full service, which they refer to as “one stop shopping.”   



Top 5 Ways to Use RPR Search  to Gain a Competitive Advantage

It’s true! With over 160 million properties available within RPR, most users are simply entering a specific address and going directly to that property. While it’s a great use of RPR, you could be missing out on all the RPR Search function has to offer.