This is probably snooze news, but the agreement between and AOL that powers is going by the wayside. The two companies terminated their agreement mutually. Zillow jumped in and will not get that traffic – so if you publish your listings to Zillow today, they will also appear on Here are the details that were just circulated to the media.

When will this agreement end?

·         December 18, 2013 @8 am PST

Why is this relationship ending?

·         AOL and Move have mutually decided to discontinue our relationship. In 2014, Move will be focused on connecting more directly with consumers through and empowering real estate professionals with the opportunity to engage more directly with consumers. Zillow takes over AOL.

How will this change impact customers?

·         Move does not envision business impact to our customers. Over the last year and into 2014, Move is focused on the further developing the following traffic and lead driving initiatives to support our customers: AOL leads will now come through the Zillow network.

·         Campaigns with the NAR: Our partnership with the NAR, providing consumer marketing through radio and television campaigns, combined with our own media outreach has contributed to our success in reaching well targeted consumers contemplating a move (See:

·         Increasing content: The increase in content on has helped us attract and retain consumers who are earnestly preparing for a move and may be tempted to search elsewhere were we not able to provide a full spectrum of inventory. This was brought about by our agreement with NAR allowing for more content growth and presentation flexibility

·         Investments in website design and branding: This initiative has resulted in greater usage of Recent research from CAR indicates that actual buyers and sellers are more likely to use (See:

·         Reaching consumers directly: We are continuing to invest and optimize efforts we believe will not only provide traffic, but most directly result in reaching consumers closer to the verge of moving

· is producing more actionable leads than other national portals for real estate, according to a survey of brokers and agents by independent analyst. (See: PAA research)