Mike Audet HeadshotOver the last 10 years, since co-founding the WAV Group with Marilyn Wilson and Victor Lund, I have had the pleasure of working with many wonderful clients including MLSs, technology companies, franchises and brokers all over the world.   From strategic planning and research to helping brokers and MLSs choose their next technology platform to creating the first MLS in Brazil, I have enjoyed every aspect of the consulting world and being a WAV Group partner.

Recently, however, I made a strategic decision to return to my roots and focus on the technology sector of our industry. I grew up in the real estate technology arena working with great companies like PRC, Interealty, Moore Data and Microsoft and as a consultant I have had a chance to work with many of the great technology companies that serve us today. I realized this is where my real passion is today and I want to be a part of the exciting changes that I see happening, particularly in the broker/agent sector.

As I have written in numerous white papers and articles much of the technology serving our real estate companies and agents is fragmented today. Brokers often have 10 to 15 different products trying to solve the numerous needs of their company. Unfortunately this evolution of product acquisition leads to a disjointed array of over priced technology and little ability to truly share data across the entire real estate company spectrum. Exciting changes are taking place, however, that are solving these problems that I will now be a part of.

I am very happy to announce that the company I believe will be a leader in these innovations, Real Estate Webmasters, has asked me to join their company as Vice President of Business Development. Over the next few months I will be completing my existing WAV Group consulting projects and joining REW full time in that capacity.

Key to my decision to join Real Estate Webmasters is the vision of CEO, Morgan Carey, and his commitment to create a truly elegant and powerful, end-to-end broker/agent suite of products.  Having had the pleasure to work with Morgan, as a consultant, and to witness their impressive growth and product development, it became clear we are truly aligned in how we believe technology needs to continue to evolve.   When I was asked to join the team I realized it was a perfect fit.

In my role as VP, Business Development I will be focusing on expanding our enterprise level partners and also assisting in planning, research and overall product strategy.

Rest assured WAV Group is in great hands and will continue to thrive under Marilyn Wilson and Victor Lund and I can’t say enough about my experience in working with them and growing our brand over the last 10 years. They are my dear friends and there will be much I will miss but I am also very excited to move into my new role. I am sure we will continue to work closely in the years to come and I know who I will call when I need consulting help.

Real Estate Webmasters is based in Nanaimo, on beautiful Vancouver Island in British Columbia, Canada. They serve clients across all of North America and have been known for years by elite brokers and agents as the leader in custom web technologies, lead generation and SEO. Today they offer a full line of web products, fully integrated mobile technology with services ranging from entry level to fully customized.

Upcoming Events

Inman Conference/San Francisco – From July 15th to the 18th, I will be attending the Inman Conference in San Francisco and would welcome the opportunity to meet with you to let you know more about Real Estate Webmasters and my new role with REW.

REW Summit/Nanaimo, BC – On July 24th and 25th, I will be attending and speaking at the Real Estate Webmasters Summit, held in beautiful Nanaimo, British Columbia. The REW Summit, held twice a year, provides two full days of learning and hands-on experience: how to generate the most leads from your website and the opportunity to meet face to face and discuss website secrets with seasoned veterans from the REW community. Please feel free to contact me if you would like to attend the REW Summit 2014 or would like more information.

Contact Information

Email: audet@realestatewebmasters.com

Office phone: 716-839-4628

Mobile phone: 716-984-9009