WAV Group logoAll MLS systems are pretty easy to use. Without any training, even a new real estate professional should be able to access the MLS and use its core features like search and add/edit listings. Watching a new agent log into the MLS is a great way to measure the ease of use. Try it sometime.

Raising MLS user intelligence is a goal of every MLS organization. When WAV Group performs MLS user satisfaction surveys we learn that a large problem is that MLSs provide services and features that many users don’t know about. We did a survey last year for an MLS where we asked an open-ended question about what feature is most needed to enhance the MLS system. The number 1 answer was MOBILE! Funny thing is that the MLS system itself is mobile browser compliant and they offer not one, but two mobile apps! Clearly, there is an education problem.

There are many MLS organizations that have resulted in what WAV Group calls “MLS Drip Training.” It is a call to action that appears on the notifications page when each user logs into the MLS. This feature is common to most MLS systems, in this example, we are highlighting the NorthstarMLS and the great work of their staff at executing MLS Drip Training. Below is an image that illustrates the call to action on the login page. Here is a link to the video – http://youtu.be/VPG0R8_l6jA

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