The world is looking up in real estate.  Cautious optimism abounds.  So now the real question is…how many REALTORS® are back in the game for real?  How many have captured the hearts of sellers?  How many have sold properties in the past 6 months?   We believe the information that we have just gathered is encouraging. It looks like the wealth is being spread around to more REALTORS® than expected.

We thought the numbers would reflect the 80/20 rule – In reality, it looks like the 60/40 rule is running the day.

Just under 60% of REALTORS have had a transaction in the past 6 months according to the 2014 WAV Group REALTOR® Productivity Survey.  Interestingly just about the same number of REALTORS® log into their MLS system daily.

So what does this all mean for MLSs and Brokerages?  Other than creating optimism that membership and revenues will continue to increase, the actual number of productive agents in the market today can also alter the way an MLS, Brokerage or other technology provider calculates the actual adoption level of technologies.

If you assume that 100% of your audience is ripe for technology adoption, you may want to think again.  If only 60% of your target audience is actively logging into the MLS system every day, the likelihood they are going to be seeking out and adopting new technologies beyond the MLS is pretty slim.

Check out the WAV Group Productivity Study to learn more about how to calculate the TRUE adoption of technologies in your MLS and brokerage today