laptop computersUrban Dictionary is a hoot. It is also a helpful way for the father of a pre-teen to understand the contemporary meaning behind the terms used by kids. In this case, I refer to Urban Dictionary for their crowd-sourced definition of Rats Nest “Commonly used in the technol- ogy sector to refer to a software design or implementation that is hopelessly convoluted and difficult to understand….” Listing Syndication is a Rats Nest and it is about to get worse as firms like Zillow defect from Listhub-Point2. With Zillow pulling out, MLSs will need to offer different services or parallel services to get broker data to Zillow. I hope that Zillow’s actions do not create a slippery slope for other publishers to follow. It will only send us back to 2007 when brokers did all of the listing syndication themselves. Download white paper here. MLS Syndication Rats Nest