Robert_Hewes_Obituary_photoMy heart sank this morning when I heard the news that we had lost Bob Hewes.  Bob was one of my absolute favorites in the industry – could be because he kind of reminded me of my dad who I miss desperately too.

Bob had that rare dry sense of humor – you always had to pay attention or you would miss his subtle nuances and quips.  He was a born negotiator. He wasn’t happy unless he was getting a big deal for his beloved Association. the Naples Area Board of REALTORS®.   He got the best of me pretty much ANY time we talked – but I didn’t mind – in fact I liked it because every conversation with him was fun, silly yet targeted and focused.  What a gift, huh? You knew deep down inside he had a heart of gold and genuinely loved his interactions with me and the rest of the us in the industry.

When I heard that he was 73 when he passed I was shocked. While that might have been his chronological age, it certainly wasn’t his psychological age. He was always talking about the latest technology breakthrough and was constantly on the hunt to find the next great thing that would help the REALTORS® of Naples.  He was one of the youngest and most progressive people I knew in the industry.

He was also a unique kind of volunteer. While he was not officially employed by the Association he certainly acted like he was. He acted on behalf of NABOR many times, even when Charlie, Irena or Mike were not around.  If you didn’t know better you would think he was a full time staffer.

What can I say. I’m heartbroken.  He was a great guy – a rare gem that genuinely cared about the greater good.  I will really miss him.  He has left a some big shoes to fill in Naples and in our industry.

Here’s the full obituary. You’ll see he was a great contributor and left a great legacy.

We’re going to miss you Bob! You were one in a million!