National_MLS_Consumer_Facing_Website LogoThe national broker portal project continues to gain momentum as brokers and MLSs agree to participate in the formation of the company to explore the launch of a national MLS consumer facing website with broker governance. Although only a month into the funding period, the group is well on its way to raising the $250,000.

After the holiday, the Council of MLSs hosted two online webinars on the topic. The Realty Alliance and The Leading Real Estate Companies of the World also hosted two webinars. This activity was followed by the delivery of information at the CEO Summit as part of the Real Estate Connect conference. Leading franchise organizations including Home Services of America, Realogy Franchise Group, RE/MAX and Keller Williams have also had executive briefings on the project.

Dates on a flyer



  • The initial fund raising process is expected to be finished by March 18th, 2015 – the first scheduled phone meeting of the initial supporters.
  • The first meeting of the initial supporters is scheduled for April 22ed.

The April 22ed meeting will establish a leadership group to shepherd the project through the formation process where the governance of the corporation will be filed. A parallel initiative will seek the construction of a Request for Proposal that can be used as a scope document for the initial minimum viable “go to market” product.

It is important that all interested parties visit the new website at for more information. The website is nothing fancy – just a simple grouping of pages that will allow the industry to get access to the information about the portal and to access documents to participate. There is also a news page that may be subscribed to by interested parties who want to track the progress of the project.

WAV Group is acting as the interim consulting and communications firm for the project.

For more information, contact Victor Lund 805-709-6696 or