Mobile MLS Screen ShotI was at the Swanepoel T3 summit a week ago and battled the misanthropic attitude toward MLS that bubbles up from agents and brokers. My commentary was specific. Not all MLSs are alike. Most MLSs with more than 5000 subscribers are excellent. Some MLSs with more than 10,000 subscribers are constantly improving their service levels to brokers and agents. One of those MLSs is Trend MLS.

Case in point – Mobile image uploader

Mobile image uploading is no simple task. That is why so few MLSs have this service available today. There are plenty that offer the ability to add or edit a listing using a mobile device. When adding a new listing from a mobile device, often the listing is saved and suspended as an incomplete listing until the agent can complete the listing using a desktop browser. Mostly, it is the images that are missing.

Advances in the quality of images that can be taken from a phone or tablet allow those devices to be legitimate tools for taking property photos. They are high enough in resolution to support Internet display and print quality. Due to the storage limitations on mobile devices, most real estate professionals take photos that are synchronized to cloud storage like Google Drive, Dropbox, or OneDrive. Trend adopted a connection using the API of these cloud solutions to allow the agent to connect to the cloud and add or remove multiple photos at once.

But wait, there is more. As part of the development, Trend MLS when even further. They added the ability to edit the photos with tools for cropping, rotating, adjusting contrast and brightness. They even support the ability to add a caption to the image.

If you are an MLS who would like to see what they have done, feel free to view this announcement to their subscribers

Trend MLS is a shining example of an MLS that is responsive to the evolution of technology and the delivery of modern applications that support the needs of their subscribers. They are unique in that they have programmers to make quick work of closing technology gaps that impede the work of tech savvy agents. To be clear – they wrote the code themselves.

Great Job Trend MLS! Anyone with designs on “disrupting the MLS” will have a pretty hard time competing with your service excellence.